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Oprah Wants O.J. to Confess to Her


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Oprah Wants O.J. to Confess to Her - Entertainment & Stars
This report as been the topic of the day and I'm surprised no one posted anything about it yet. I do wonder if O.J Simpson is going to confess to Oprah that he really murdered his wife and boyfriend.

Couple of questions:

1) Do you care if he does it or not?

2) Did you always think he was guilty?

3) Do you believe this is going to happen?


Living in Ikoria
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1. I don't care that much...O.J. has been an interesting story, and since it went down during late grade school for me I've heard about it for years as I grew up. If he did commit the crime he deserves the proper charges filed, court penalties, etc.

2. I do think he was guilty...the evidence against him was just too much.

3. No, I don't think he'll confess. Ever. I think he could do an interview with Oprah, but the confession just won't happen.

This is from Wikipedia, but I doubt it would be falsified:

In September 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, and charged with numerous felonies, including armed robbery and kidnapping.[3] In 2008 he was found guilty[4][5] and sentenced to 33 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 9 years without parole.[6] He is currently serving his sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O.J._Simpson#cite_note-6
If he does confess, that 9-33 years is going wayyyy up, if there's no death sentence. He hasn't seemed like the type to have a guilty conscience, so I don't see a way that he'd suddenly be fine with going away for the rest of his life.
Now someone just told me that he might not be able to be tried again for the same charges?

Double jeopardy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does anyone know about this, and about how it might be applied to O.J.?

Even if that's true and he wouldn't face more prison time or the death penalty, I still can't picture him confessing. I just can't.

But I don't see how anyone could confess to a double murder and not be put away for it...any explanation from guys like CO would be appreciated here, lol.
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Embrace the Suck
I don't understand who made Oprah queen and thinks everything should go through her. I don't really care at this point what he does. I think the evidence is overwhelming that he was guilty. Unfortunately 12 morons couldn't see it.

That is correct, Unity. He cannot be tried for the murders again even if he confesses. He can be tried for a lesser charge. I know he didn't take the stand in his defense but I don't know if he made any sworn statements that he is innocent. I don't know what he testified to in the civil trial that he lost. If he did, a confession could lead to a perjury charge. It would behoove him to just keep quiet regardless of not being able to be tried again for murder.


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1) Do you care if he does it or not? I could care less. We'll never know both sides of the story or what Nicole and the driver/boyfriend really did. Maybe she really did pull a knife or something on him but that wouldn't excuse him killing his friend. But like I said, I could care less. I'll always think of him as a great football player.

2) Did you always think he was guilty? Like it's been said, all the evidence around him was overwhelming.

3) Do you believe this is going to happen? Yeah because it seems like Oprah always gets people to do things that they didn't want to do in the past.


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I seriously doubt he'll confess to anyone, even beloved Oprah.


If he didn't confess all these years, why would he confess Oprah?
I think people have gotten over this story and it's Justice's duty to deal with him, not Oprah's.


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To reply to Unity, you can't be charged for the same charges if you've already been sentenced. Australia has the same system.


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1) Do you care if he does it or not?
- No.

2) Did you always think he was guilty?
- I did after I found out about it. I was still in pampers, lol. But after checking Wikipedia and talking to some people about it, I think the evidence was def not in his favor.

3) Do you believe this is going to happen?
- No. It would prolly hurt his chances for parole and make him guilty of perjury.