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Opposition leader killed in Moscow


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Its impossible to know if they are fall guys or the real assasins. But the conspiracy theory about the Kremlin involvement is just setting off the Russian people even more than ever before.
Anti-Americanism at higher level than during USSR

Nemtsov was totally pro-American so its no huge surprise that somebody took him out. More than 80% of the Russian people were his enemy.
The only question - which one did it?


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Seems the Russians are trying to blame his death on him saying something against Islam. A lot of people think that isn't true. I'm starting to wonder who did this considering this isn't the first person that spoke out against Putin that has ended up dead.


Russian government blaming Islamists for Boris Nemtsov's Murder.

Five Convicted Of Killing Russian Journalist Anna Politkovskaya
Unfortunately its very dangerous to talk against Putin - especially in Russia. And it doesnt have to be the government because they know the people will do it for them. For example where were the Police when this happened? If those dudes were Cossacks it probaly woulda been a lot worse.


Yeah the sign in the video is "Dirty sluts get out of our city!". And mostly they just focus on that but the real reason is probaly because Pussy Riot doesnt support Putin. Even young people get very involved in Politics in Russia - Thats why Nashi. The only reason Putin slowed that down was because the issues in the Baltics. Well yeah it was slowed down but it never stopped.

Americans are less aggressive with politics but not Russians. So yeah it would be very easy to get someone to off a political rival. Russians dont fear the prisons like Americans do - they have always been a lot less materialistic so honor trumps freedom and money. And "honor" is whatever they decide.

Dont forget its not just a foreign language and foreign government - its also a very foreign people. They are the same people that fought for and died for a Communist regime.
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