rainbow 11!
I need your opinion on something. Do you think that since Denise looks at practically every thread on the site about everyday, she should post at least once a day?

She started talking to me about the Christmas Avatars thread and asking me what Negima was. SO! I think she should post more often. Anyone else agree?


Tell your friend to post more here .
especially in the arts section, dont matter if you dont know anything about art, just post your opinions.


rainbow 11!
Your opinion doesn't count, just like mine doesn't. Only those of other members do. *Grin.* At least this got you to post.


rainbow 11!
Of course you know I suck. ^^

Tis you we are talking about.
But that's not the point. You come here everyday and don't post. Time to start making up for it. *Grin.*