Operation Strike of Sword Casualty discussion

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    Please lets have a professional and sited discussion. To the other author/s please keep that in minds and until we can make an agreement we should leave the area blank.


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    Getting back on the idea the US has not come out with an complete and official KIA report for this operation. Article by Max Boot, titled strike of sword. This is one of my references.

    This information may mean 1 US Marine was killed in the initial operation, but after the operation US serviceman were killed holding their gained territory. This does not mean they were killed in the Operation however.
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    Maybe you should link to the reference and to an article about the explaining the operation. we have many foreign members here.

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    Ma'am this forum is my way of getting the right information to the public this is an ongoing Wikipedia dispute that is currently not being addressed. Both myself being one of the authors and another unknown author have been arguing on that site for about a week with opposite views on the subject. I feel this way we can come to an understanding and work out our differences.
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    Without citations, sources, references and links there is very little to understand. You may as well just pluck the information from thin air.

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    this forum is not allowing me to post links at this time so that is why I listed the authors name and the title of his work.....

    however on Wikipedia I had listed 5 sources claiming where I got my information and the other author deleted it. For more information please refer to Operation Strike of Sword on Wikipedia.

    I ask are you the other author on wiki Barb?
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    Do you realize how ridiculous you sounded just now? If this is what my Marine Corp has to offer me then I'm a little worried. You are trying to get us to have an intelligent conversation yet you are essentially withholding information so that we may not make informed decisions. You stated yourself this is a Wikipedia dispute so how am I suppose to know if the information on there is correct? I simply can't without this mysterious article. Please come back when you are actually willing to have a good discussion. kthxbai

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    I cant put the sites on here for some reason it says I dont have enough posts. Thats why I said the author and the title of his work... as for wikipedia im trying to give the right information so wikipedia is right for once.... I am sorry the site wont let me post my sources? but if you google operation strike of sword casualties then you could easily get the right facts...kthxbi to u 2
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    You could give a short description and summary of the argument/debate over the issue without having to post links. For example:

    "Operation Strike of the Sword" is a massive offensive launched by the US in Afghanistan in July 2009.

    Then explain what about the casualty that you want to discuss, if you want to discuss anything. :dunno:

    Right now, the way I read your posts here, it comes out as "I'm having a wikipedia dispute with an unknown other author, who might read this post. If you're the other author let's settle this."


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