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I've been using Opera just fine and just upgraded to a new release this morning and now chat won't load for me. When I open the chat window, the chat applet just sits on a gray screen. Any ideas why or what I can do to fix it?


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Have you seen 3 yet? It's much better and the extensions it has are the way to go. Granted if Firefox weren't around I would use Opera or Safari. However Firefox is around and it is the way to go. Purely unbiased point of view here. I promise.


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Okay Kiwi, it says you need to install the adobe flash plugin from Adobe which I did but it still doesn't work.


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That is probably no fault of Opera though. Flash can be very temperamental. Try uninstalling Flash and then reinstalling it.


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I've actually been slowly moving back to IE. Firefox has promised to fix the memory leak for ages and honestly I'm getting sick of waiting. It still freezes up in FF3 as well. I know because I use FF3 and it freezes up...