Movies Open Water 2: Adrift


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Just when I thought Open Water was going to be the last of, there was Open Water 2. These people went boating and decided to take a swim in the ocean. Well, it was all fun till they all jumped in the water and some moron forgot to to put the ladder down so now they are all swimming their asses off trying to get back on the boat or waiting to be rescued.

When they were in the water, they heard the cellphone ringing and they swam to the other side of the boat and managed to retrieve the cellphone because the jacket was hanging on the side of the boat. The managed to answer the phone but some crazy bitch was reaching for the phone and the phone got wet causing it not to work. I would of drowned that bitch right there.

One of the swimmers was trying to play hero. He was trying to see if there was an opening underneath the boat. Well, he was swimming back up and cracked his skull on the propeller.

Another Swimmer was taking a knife to the side of the boat and the captain of the boat was trying to take the knife but the knife stabs the swimmer causing him to bleed to death.

After that, a female swimmer wanted to be like Leonardo dicaprio in Titanic and committed suicide and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

So along the way, the guy that stabbed eventually died and so did the dude with the cracked skull. So there were 3 people left. One male and 2 females. One of the female was playing hero and said that she will swim for help. Geeze, why didn't they think of that before? So she goes swims for help leaving the male and female swimmer. The male got pissed off and he broked the goggles he was holding and he used that to get the female on the boat and she lowers the ladder and that male didn't get his ass on the boat and drowned.

I hope there would not be an open water 3 because that female swimmer that swam for help wasn't at the end of the movie. Maybe it will be Open water 3, Rescuing the bitch.
Seriously, as if the first one wasn't a flop by itself. What "actors" will do now a'days to get their faces on Television. *shudders* I didn't even hear that this was coming out, I'm so glad I didn't waste my time. Sorry you had to!
I saw this was one of the straight-to-dvd sequels that had been popping up for all different movies that should've been left at one movie, or none. I though the first one was pretty bad, and after reading the OP, I can see this was no different.


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Why on Earth would they make a second one. The first one was awful enough as it is. I don't think I would even bother watching the second one, I'll only be disapointed again.


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Yeah ive seen this it realy is a stupid movie but it could so easily happen in real life. There are some idiots out there who may not think of these thigs unless they have seen it in a movie or on an episode of Jerry Springer.