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Open Relationships


Sally Twit
How do you feel about 'open relationships'?

An open relationship is a relationship in which the people involved agree that they want to be together, but in which romantic or sexual relationships with additional people are accepted, permitted or tolerated.
Personally I find this wrong. I had a conversation with someone about this recently and they said that every couple are different. Obviously that is true but surely if there are certain needs that can't be met by one person then you shouldn't be in a relationship. If you need to have sex with people other than your partner, then why not just stay single?
If you are married or have children then it makes it even worse.


Registered Member
Open relationships, in my opinion, are no good.
I would never want to be in one, nor would I ever agree to be in one....I do not like to share.


I'm serious
I'm not one to judge what works for others, but speaking for myself, I could just never do it. I do not get why people would want to be together but with other people as well. I agree with you that if there is something missing from your relationship that you need to look for that something outside of your relationship, there is a big problem and you should either work on that or move on to someone who can fulfill all your needs.

And just to add, I don't know how someone can't give a relationship their all. I could not and would not want to split my attention/love/affection/care between people. All relationships take work and splitting up your efforts lessens your chance of either of your relationships working/lasting.

But to each their own!


Well-Known Member
I think that open relationships are fine, and work perfectly for some people. Although, I think that some very specific rules need to be set down for them to work. As in, you have your main romantic relationship, but then other encounters have to be purely sexual with no romantic involvement. I think that being in two romantic relationships is lot worse than being in one romantic relationship and sleeping with other people. Emotional cheating as opposed to sexual cheating seems more upsetting. Of course, only if both parties agree to the open relationship, if not, both those situations I described are wrong. In saying all that though, i'm not sure I could handle an open relationship.


Babeasaurus Sex
I would hate it. To me a relationship involves emotional and physical commitment.

I couldn't be with someone and sleep with other people I'd feel dirty and if he did it I would feel dirty and used :(


Registered Member
i definatly could never handle having an open relationship, just the thought of my partner going with another girl then coming back to me would make me feel sick tbh, i think if your going to have an open relationship maybe yous would be better calling it fuck buddies since, to me personally, a relationship is about commitment.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I know some who are in open relationships or rather, open to swinging (and it's still a couple's activity both enjoy). The important thing is that both are in agreement and have estbalished boundaries. If only one partner is into it and the other is just forced to "keep" the partner, then it won't work. I don't think I could do it simply because, even if I'm open to threesome idea, I still fear I'll get jealous with having another girl to get that intimate with my guy - much more if I'm not part of it or if it's a recurring thing.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't think it's wrong if it works for the couple. I personally haven't seen one that did work...but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I wouldn't be for an open relationship, myself. I am too possessive and jealous for that to work.


Mark ov teh Pond
with additional people are accepted, permitted or tolerated
When I hear the term "open relationships" I don't think about a guy/girl or whatever the gender pair is, 'allowing' your partner to have sexual relationships how they see fit outside of the main relationship. I think of everything it entails. I think about threesomes, I think about swinger parties. I mean, isn't that what you are? I think a better question here is: are you pro-open relationship? What are your rules and boundaries?

If you can let your partner engage in sexual relations behind your back, then can you also attend a party with him/her and have sex with a different couple in the same room? I'm fine with it, as long as I don't see the act for myself? What's the boundaries?

And if you two are okay with sharing one another, then what difference does it make if you bring someone else home to share? Honey, I got you double penetration for your birthday! <3

To be more on topic, I don't think I am for it or could do it. Sure, there are times I talk tough but when I choose a mate I want to make sure that only my scent is on her. I'm territorial. If not, I might as well be classified as single and call my 'partner' a roomie.
All right I'm back for the merger (well not sure if it will merge as double or not).

I feel like I have not said enough on the topic at hand. The reason I don't condone it, but I am not really against it is....well, if it works for you: do it. I don't give two fuck's about what you do in your private sex life. That's your business - But if you were to sit me down and ask me the question of topic, "How do you feel about open relationships" this is the answer you're going to get:

Open-relationship means what exactly? Well, for starters, let's backtrack to this word in particular:
additional people
. We're not talking about two parties venturing out and exploring their sex life. We're talking about multiple people, as in more than one person involved. Additional emotional implications to consider. I'm not going to be the lame guy and throw out the "what if" scenarios. Instead, I'm going to be the cool guy and invent a couple to help get my view across.

Scenario one: Profession

Let's say guy 1, girl 1 are in an open-relationship. Okay. Now they don't really have rules, except don't let me see it. Don't bring them home to our bed. Okay fine. Understandable. Girl 1 is sleeping with guy 1's boss and he doesn't know about it. Hell, she doesn't know either. His co-workers do though...

Random co-worker 1: Oh hey, there's that guy whose wife is sleeping with his boss.
Random co-worker 2: ...and co-worker.
Random co-worker 1: Dude, no way. You hit that?
Random co-worker 2: Bagged it and tagged it last night, son.
Random co-worker 1: Fuck yeah, that's my BOY! BRO FIVE! o/\o

Guy 1 found out later. Hey, it's an open-relationship. There are bound to be some muck ups like this. Instead of letting it effect him emotionally, he decided to use this for EVIL. There's a promotion coming up and maybe he can confront his wife and send her over for some bonus points. Just one of those implications to consider.

Scenario two: Family.

Okay guy 2 and girl 2 are married. In their 30s, and are engaged in an open-relationship. Their rules are...go out with other people during the week, spend weekends together. She goes to this bar for hunting grounds, he goes to whatever. Now, guy 2's parents are celebrating their 50th year together. It's a Tuesday. They are meeting up with some friends and whatever, and they decide they want to try something new. And this bar has a pizza sale on Tuesday. They go there and parents' friends make out the son's wife over at the bar feeling up some guy and tugging on his ears playfully with those sultry lips of hers.

The friends: "Hey isn't that your son's wife over there?"
Parents: "My word...it is...What is she? honey, hand me the phone."
*ring, ring*
Guy 2: "Hello?"
Parents: "Hi Peter, it's mom."
Guy 2/now Peter: "Hey mom, I meant to call and wish you a happy--"
Parent/now Mom: "Cut the crap, son. I want to know why I am staring at your wife tugging on some bar flies willy."
Peter: "Mom...I. It's complicated. My wife and I are in an open-relationship."
Mom: "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"
Peter: "It means we...it's hard to explain. It means it's okay for us to go out with other people."
Mom: "I heard enough. I didn't raise my son to be a pussy."

BAM. Peter just got MOMMA ROCKED.

Peter's wife was not invited over for Christmas. It's okay since they are in an open-relationship she will spend the night with someone else while Peter and Mom work out their new-found issues.

Scenario three: fuck buddy

Guy 3, and girl 3. Girl 3 sleeps with random guy, he falls in love with her. Stalks her. Confronts guy 3, and they shoot each other and he axe murders the girl in a ritualistic fashion.

To me, it doesn't just reflect both parties involved. Who knows how personal it can get with other mates. If you're having sex with someone outside your lover, you're going to feel affection toward them and they may feel strongly about you. It's natural. You're being intimate. Of course if it was a one-nighter from a bar pickup, the guy probably knows it's a no strings thing. Again though, we're not talking about what if's. I'm just trying to get you on my avenue of thought and maybe see how I feel on the matter. I couldn't do it. I'm not for it, but I'm not against it.

Scenario four: Age

Now I know there are people out there with significant age gaps in their relationship. Guy 4, and girl 4 are 30 years apart. Girl 4 is the younger one and they both know he won't satisfy her forever. So they engage into an open-relationship and she gets on his will. Basically porn-star. Happily ever after.

Nah, in all seriousness the 4's really fucking love each other and the open-relationship is a healthy move for the both of them to remain together and happy. Of course, it doesn't have to be an age difference for this to work either. It's just to me, it's a more likely scenario.

And hopefully Peter's mom will be happy for her son's decision in life and they reconcile their differences. And hopefully Peter's dad can stick up for the guy because despite her being a whoreface he enjoyed having her over for the Holidays.

Thank you all,

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Ms. Malone
Open relationships are sometimes only good for the pair in the open relationship - it's people on the other end of it who usually get hurt.