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Op-Ed Are we raising a generation of nature-phobic kids?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't think people get out like they use to. When I was a kid we got together and went horse back riding all day, hiking and other out door activities. Now its all about the latest video game, now add VR to that and we have a hundred different channels on TV and all kinds of stuff on the net to watch.

I don't think people hunt like the use to either. Use to you might not see one but a couple of times a week or so and rarely a herd. Now don't trip over one going to the car.


Band Nerd ♫
Meh. I was raised to enjoy the outdoors, but the instant I found out there was stuff to do inside, I dropped that.

It might help if the climate where I live wasn't so darned warm/hot (and the fact that winters are becoming much less of anything that could possibly be called winter). I like cool (talking 50s F here), breezy, overcast (misty, too!) days. Those only really happen during the winter anymore.

I have no business being outside when it's sunny, hot, humid, and bugs are everywhere. As I said, I was even 'raised' to be an outdoorsy person, but I didn't grow up to be like that.


Creeping On You
In canada we have some pretty rough degrees of weather. 30 above in the summer, 40 below in the winter. Lots of people like to use that as an excuse to saying inside. Albeit, I do sometimes also use it as an excuse, but if I really think about it and suck it up, there's ways to brave the outdoors despite it. Proper clothing, preparation etc. It just takes work and what not. I love the advancement in portable technology, thats for sure. Helps to both enjoy nature AND keep that internet addiction satisfied :p