Nintendo 64 OoT: Shadow Temple

How am I supposed to enter the Shadow Temple? I can't light the torches fast enough to light them all and I don't have the song to make you warp to the past. Navi keeps telling me that I should check out the well, but there's nothing there. This was what I was wondering what to do in my last post.


Guardian of the Light
play as a little kid to get into the well after playing the song of storms to the guy that teaches it to you as a bog kid in the windmill hut. You get the lens of truth down here, which is mandatory if you have never done the shadow temple before.
After getting the lens of truth play as a little kid and go to the are before Hyrule castle. After passing through, or over the white gate go to the place with the little rock. Bomb this rock. a fairy will give you dins fire and you can use this to light all of the torches.