oops Booker T


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I miss the old Booker T and his attitude, he use to be my top fav wrestler but he fell down from that slot awhile back because the new him just disappoints. But that was funny though I gotta admit and he still played it off as it was nothing. Though it could be the fact that he didn't realize what he said until alittle bit afterwards.


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I liked the old Booker T but the new one is just pittyful. It's sad that he went from his old character too "King" Booker. If they had to change him why did it have to be to that:(


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well booker's taking time off of wrestling after the piledriver on the announcers table, looking at WWE.com

“As a result of the Tombstone from Undertaker on Friday night, King Booker suffered a sprain, and strained contusion of the neck,” said Dr. Rios.
WWE.com has also learned that while recovering from his encounter with the Phenom, King Booker will be treated for a previous chronic knee injury, where he has a meniscus tear, and a chronic elbow strain and sprain.

There is no timetable for the King’s recovery, but stay tuned to WWE.com for more information as it becomes available.


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I also hate the new gimmick of Booker T, especially Queen Sharmel she's annoying. But that video was hilarious.

See this is why I think they should eliminate the Pile Driver in Wrestling someone can get really hurt out of this, a lot of people have broken there neck from this move, just look at Stone Cold, he's lucky that he's not paralyze, now Booker T gets injured a bit out of this finisher. Undertaker should stick to his choke slam, and the WWE should ban the Pile Driver.


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I don't know about banning the manuever, I mean, a lot of them are dangerous when poorly executed.

The video was funny because of Booker's and the woman's reactions.


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I don't think for one second the move should be banned. Your in a business where you basically are getting paid to hurt a guy. Some moves are more dangerous than others but that is the risk you take when you get into the company. Besides the tombstone is legendary with the Undertaker and it would be a downer to see the WWE take it away from his legacy.