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Only Fools and Horses is a British television sitcom, created and written by John Sullivan, and made and broadcast by the BBC. All episodes were broadcast on BBC One. Seven series were originally broadcast in the United Kingdom between 1981 and 1991, with sporadic Christmas specials until 2003.
Set in Peckham in Inner London, it stars David Jason as ambitious market trader Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, Nicholas Lyndhurst as his younger brother Rodney, and Lennard Pearce as their aging grandfather (later replaced by Buster Merryfield as their Uncle Albert). Backed by a strong supporting cast, the series chronicles their highs and lows in life, in particular their attempts to get rich.
After a relatively slow start the show went on to achieve consistently high ratings, and the 1996 episode "Time On Our Hands" holds the record for the highest UK audience for a sitcom episode. Critically and popularly acclaimed, the series received numerous awards, including recognition from the British Academy, the National Television Awards and the Royal Television Society, as well as helping both Sullivan and Jason win individual accolades. It was voted Britain's Best Sitcom in a 2004 BBC poll.

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Do we have any fans of this show? I personally am a huge fan, and own the full 26-disc DVD Boxset as well as numerous items of merchandise.
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I am definitely a fan of the show. I think it is the greatest British comedy of all time and it never failed to make me laugh. I watch re-runs of the show on G.O.L.D quite a lot and I've never seen an episode I haven't liked. It has fans of all ages and everyone I know has heard of it and watched it. It's something I grew up watching as my parents were always big fans of it.
I love it! Classic british comedy, never fails to make me laugh. I had the batman & robin scenes as my profile video the other week, that's one of my favourite episodes. I have some DVDs too. The intro/outro theme is so catchy.



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Brilliant show :yes: Ive been a fan of this show for years, I wish they would continue to make the specails for Christmas time it was a tradition to watch it. David Jason is a great actor:thumbup:


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It was one of if not the best British comedy's ever made, the characters were all funny and a lot of them you could kind of match up to people you knew, I used to work with a guy that was on the same par as Trigger, he was the nicest guy there was but not the brightest bulb in the box.

I liked the way the characters developed over the course of the show as well, I will always watch this if comes on.
One of the funniest scenes ever was Del Boy falling through the open counter door, and Trigger looking so perplexed at where he had gone.


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I love this so, I still watch on on the UKTV on Sky! My favourite episode would probably be the cwying one, I saw it again the other day and it had me in stitches.