'Only 50 years left' for sea fish



I wouldn't know exactly how many years are left but, I do know we are way over fishing our seas...all of us. I would be willing to support some kind of restriction on the fishing industry.


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In 50 years we will either have solved the food/water crisis, or enough people will have died as to not make it a problem for another 300 or so years.


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How would they know how many years does a fish have before it's extinct.

I don't really believe this


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Get back on topic.

They used projections regarding fisheries, if you read the story. I think they have a very accurate idea about fish populations and the possibility of extinction.

Global warming will probably wreck plenty of havoc as it is, as water temperatures will start to affect fish and their habitats. Plus the destruction of coral reefs will make many more fish species to decline in population.