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online RPG


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:sick: hey for everyone who wants to do this there is a set of rules, they will follow in my next post please contact me for information.


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OK Here are the rules...

1. No EXTREME vulgar language. (That means the seven deadly words, kiddies. I think your too old for them, George Carlin.):sick:

2. You must sumbit to me a writen/typed character design detailing powers, wepons, personality, and a brief bio/description of the character. (Pictures optional):nod:

3. NO SEX! (Implied prefered):rolleyes:

4. If I so see fit, I will remove you from this forum. (But you get three warnings... Use Them With Care.):shake:

5. You must respect the rights, thoughts, and characters of all players.:lol:

6. And for Play-doh's sake, HAVE FUN!:D


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:D yes i will tell you about the scene and the time period and also what i want the characters to be like (AKA: cowboy, vampire, or megaman types)


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RP setting

The setting of the story is set in a diffrent universe where the planets are more like a giant landmass seperated into continents, there are small space ports/bridges that can take you from the upper to lower planes, or from one planet to the other.

Your character was once a human, depending on how they lived their lives they have either become and angel or demon, the demons own the lower planes, and as suchthe angels own the higher plane.

There is a war going on between the upper and lower planes, the war is tearring appart the universe, You have been chosen along with the other demons, angels, and Vampyres (yes vampyres) to seek out the four Elementals, Warning NOT ALL ELEMENTALS ARE NICE!

Now Submit Your Characters

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There are 6 types of Races, You get to play as one of 3:

-Angels, you fight under the command of The Holy One

-Demons, you fight under the command of The Unclean One

-Vampyres, you fight under the command of no one, you are a bounty hunter

The other three races are NPC's:

-Humans, those who were not drafted into control of the Highbreeds

-Highbreeds, Only 3 are known to exist, The Oracle, The Holy one, and The Unclean One

-Elementals, The Guardians of elements, Acording to the Oracle you seek out the four basic Guardians. Volcanus, Soilus, Aquas, Aeous


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Oracle- "Go now my warriors, Find the elementals, Save the Multiplanes"
*The Oracle then dissipates into a mist and leaves you*


The ground seemed to be breaking apart. Then a giant door appeared, it had skeletal ribs on the doors and the handles seemed to be made of bones. This was the gate to the -Lower Plane-

The sky had opened up with the striking of a lightning bolt. It seemed a sort portal or gateway to the -Upper Plane- The only way to describe it was to say the ground had become sacred, there was a cross crookedly planted into the ground, and those who stepped on it were transfered onto the -Upper Plane-

This was the beginning of the Angelic-Demonic War.

This is where our story begins...


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-If you need to use someone's character dont use them as a meat-shield, and dont use them in an improper way.