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Have you ever been involved in an online relationship? How serious did it get? How long did it last? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

I've never been involved with anyone online but I know a couple that met over the Internet and are now married. They spoke online every single day for a year and then finally met and found themselves to be compatible.


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I have never been in a genuine online-relationship, but I had a distance relationship for 2 years (we had been together already for 2 years, when my girlfriend decided to go to the US for college), when we mostly had contact online only. But we also met in holidays. This distance relationship was not really pleasant to both of us, so in the end, we broke up.

There are also other girls I met online first, then we eventually met and in some cases, a one night stand came out of it. But it never went so far it became a genuine relationship.

So I'd say the internet is really a good place where you can meet people for one-night-stands, better than, say, a bar. You can slowly learn to know each other before you meet, and decide early already whether you think you may be a match. Since that worked, I assume a genuine relationship can well emerge out of an online friendship.


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I'm strongly opposed to an online "relationship". Meeting people is one thing but there is no such thing as a complete relationship when the only interaction is through a computer screen. With a webcam, it's a bit better but overall, I just don't believe you can really know a person until you meet them in person. It's why I never bothered with online dating.


online relationship?
are you kidding me?
hell no.
online and relationship are too irrelevant words which don't fit to each it would make no sense for me to create such a "relationship"


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I've had a online relationship with this girl I met over MySpace..but along the road it was a massive concience..her friend went to my school and I was friends with her..her another friend used to live in the same town as me in Serbia..and I guess it was all good..we met up at a party and went on and had a off-on relationship for almost two years.


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I met someone online in MD that was an hour away from me, it didn't work really but it was kind of cool for a while, but because distance I believe thats what hurts the relationship the most out of all. If their close enough to meet, then I'm sure it can work and all.



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I met my now boyfriend online, but never had an "online" relationship. He lived less then an hr away from me, and we met up within a week or "meeting". We've never had an online relationship, we would talk occassionally on msn every now and again, but now we're living together :)


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I met my husband online. I lived in Wisconsin and him at the bottom of IL. We ended up getting married. The good part was when we first started dating it was nice because we got to know eachother before we really had to commit. He came to my house for a thanksgiving and then left, he was only there for a weekend so its like if you dont like them its easy to let them go but the bad thing is when you get serious its hard to handle not seeing them. by train it took about 7 hours to get to eachothers house. that was the most horrible thing ever.


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I met husband in a online game and we've been married for 2.5 years now even though we live 6000 miles apart so it can work.

We did the whole skype and webcam thing before we met irl and we flew over a bunch of times with me staying at his place for months at a time.


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I actually met my HS sweetheart online. It was different back then. People who met other people online were considered crazy freaks and weirdos. This was before Myspace, Facebook, Craigslist, AFF, & the like. Back when AOL had competition by only Prodigy :lol:

I'd say the benefits being that you get the opportunity to know what you are dealing with on a personal level before letting that whole sex and infatuation factor get in the way and blinding your judgment. I'll put it this way, if you meet someone online who can rustle your feathers with words, just imagine the possibilities when you meet them for real :nod:
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