Online Poker Service of Choice?


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I play on, great site and software. Easy to use and simply design. I've tried Pokerstars and it sucks something horrible. PartyPoker is great for beginners.

So, FC, what do you use?


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I use, mostly because it runs on my Mac well. It's essentially the same system as, and has a good crowd playing Play Money instead of the real deal.

EDIT: PartyPoker's finally developed a good Mac version after all these years, so I've switched to there.



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I use FullTilt, it's the only site that lets me deposit directly to my account from my credit card. I hate using all those alternatives that take fees.


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I only use fake chips and I play at pokerstars. I like it alot but I've never trusted any sites to use real money over the internet.


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Poker4ever is where I like to play for real money, but Ultimate Bet is the best by far if you're just playing for fun.


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Party Poker, glad it works for Mac otherwise I would be up the creek... I just play for play money at the moment, raked in over a mill and half, I would like to make the transition to real money but I don't know if I am ready to take the plunge.

*EDIT* Sometime the PP players of GF should meet at a table.
I currently have PokerStars. I used to have Full Tilt Poker, but I don't really like the design or how it's set up. PokerStars is pretty simple. Nothing spectacular or anything...

There was once this place called MPlayer that you could player Poker on, watch videos, chat, build a network and other games. They started to charge people real money to be able to play on it, though.