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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by kajinpl, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. kajinpl

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    Why do people have a fetish with being complete assholes online? I constantly see it time and time again. I'm usually part of those websites where you can comment on different works and such. In my case, I make AMVs (Anime Music Videos). I recently posted one up and I'm the kind of person who can accept critques good or bad. The keyword here is "CRITIQUE". You can like it or you canhate, but at least have a good reason. I hate when people just say "you suck". That just shows me your stupidity. Tell me why you think it sucks at least. The first comment I get is, "Man, this sucks. How can you make " such and such" and mix it with "this and that"? Man you suck!" I can't stand when people don't have anything to say with common sense. You know the comment is gonna get deleted so why bother? I honestly hate when people do that. People kill me hating on you for something that you put effort in doing, but can't do themselves. You can feel free to look for yourselves.

  2. Kazmarov

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    Once identity is removed, people seem to think that their responsibility to be cordial is removed as well.
  3. Icyblackflame

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    The way I see it, if all they have to say is "this sucks" or "you suck, bitch," then I honestly don't want a critique, good or bad, from them anyway. It seems like it'd be stupid and useless. I don't mind critiques, even though I most-likely won't take them for something like an AMV because I'd be too impatient to re-do it. But if it was something about the technique or tips, I would definitely consider it the next time I make an amv. Well, there have been times when I completely love the idea that was given to me, so I re-do an old one. But that's happened only twice. And it's complete re-doing, not a little touch-up job.

    Just don't listen to those stupid assholes. If they have nothing good to comment on (as in, a good comment about something good or bad), then their comment is as useful as their wording, and their comment describes the depth of the commentor. If they say, "you suck," or plainly "you're not good at this (refusing to state why)," then the same could be said to them. (Well, you should ignore it and not try to start something. Just think it. "You suck at critiqing" "you're not good at critiquing." Or an occasional, "shut up, Bitch" will do. Haha XD

    I'll look at your vid when I get back =)
  4. Corona

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    People have a bad day then think they can blow it on others on the internet because it's impersonal.
  5. Nevyrmoore

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    You see similar things on Newgrounds. Good flash movies/games get reviews from some people that are along the lines of "you suck at flash, gtfo", yet these people are Lv1, only just joined, and don't have any flash works to call their own. When they do produce a flash, 9 times out of 10 it's a stick movie. And I don't mean the good ones, I mean the god awful ones with about 30 seconds of random (crap) fighting that makes you want to not only blam the movie, but the artist as well.

    These sorts of people often get ignored, thankfully, but I like to look through the worst reviews a flash has received to see what sort of crap has been written. Some of them are as good as the flash itself.
  6. raddmadd

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    Yeah I know, youtube's one of the worst ones for people being mean. its weird, theres a lot of people that are. but i was playing tremulous with my cousin, tremulous is an online game. and someone on his team killed him by a mistake, we get a lot of that in tremulous since theres friendly fire. and my cousins like "fag!!" and i was like "dude, why did you say that, it was a mistake" and my cousin's not really that bad of a guy, not like that at least. so i guess a lot of the times people don't really know how bad they sound. or maybe my cousin's a jerk lol idk.

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