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Online Game Addiction


New Member
I found an online game a few months ago, Luxor, that is driving me to drink. Basically it's an arcade game with an Egyptian theme and you have to clear the screen of marbles by creating rows of three or more of the same color...I'm doing a lousy job of describing it, but you get the idea.

It is SO addictive. I always tell myself, "Just one more game," and the next thing I know an hour and a half has gone past and I still haven't made it to the next level.

Anyone else have a game that gets under their skin like this?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Internet Reversi was the best one.


New Member
I enjoy puzzle type games. Do you have a link to that? I'd like to check it out. :)
Here's the link:
Luxor on Yahoo! Games

You can download the game and play for free for an hour, then when the hour is up, if you're as addicted as I am, you can buy the game for $19.99. I think there is also a Luxor2 out now, but I refuse to locate it until I can beat the original game.


New Member
Puzzle games are pretty addicting. But if were talking about online game addictions in general, then i'd have to give that award to Xbox Live. It's really hard not to want to go play online with your friends and just kick it and have some fun and relaxing time with your buddies...


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I used to be addicted to XBOX Live and then one day suddenly it just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I haven't played since but I still have my account because I keep forgetting to cancel it.. Been over two years since I used it though. (My credit card isn't active anymore so they won't be able to charge it again at least..)