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Online Etiquette


aka ginger warlock
A podcast that I listen to recently mentioned the rules and regulations of online etiquette or lack there of. It's an odd thing, no-one told me how to behave on XBL, PSN, WoW or indeed on here - well I guess if I had properly read the t&c's I would have seen it but generally I know how to behave but no-one ever did on XBL. There are no real set rules of how to behave and how to interact etc. Do you think there should be? Do you naturally follow the code of "if I am nice to them they will hopefully be nice to me" or do you tend to have a "f**k you, you don't like my attitude? that ain't my problem, NOOB!" attitude, I have to say I tend to avoid the second group of people.

Has anyone pushed your button? Has anyone ever angered you so much you have either blocked them, reported them or given them a bed rep in the case of XBL (I rarely used PSN so I am not sure of how the rep thing works on it)?


Registered Member
I'm rarely an asshole on Xbox Live. The only time I am is when there's some other asshole chatting it up in the lobby, talking about how good he is at the game. Whenever this happens, at least when I play Modern Warfare 2, I start using the Marathon/Lightweight/Commando class, and wreak havoc on the guy.

But most of the time I try to talk to people on it. You know, strategize, joke around, anything like that. It makes the game a lot more fun.