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Online achievement boosting.


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I noticed that on a Quantum of Solace forum, some people arranged online games where they would take it in turns to purposely lose, allowing each other to unlock an achievement. As someone that earned the achievement the right way, i find it pathetic. I guess some of you are not as amazing, and also, i think, fantastic, as i am.

The Dr No achievement was one of the hardest to unlock, so i feel it offers some bragging rights. Which is why it bugs me that some people essentially cheated to unlock it. Purposely losing matches is worse than gamesaving in my opinion.

The other day i stumbled into a game of Bond evasion, and some guy said "hey, do you guys have the achievement", someone replied, "cool, how about we let each other win as Bond so we can all unlock it". Everyone said "yes". Apart from me. I said "there is just one problem with that plan, boys", and then proceeded to eliminate Bond in every round (apart from the round in which i was Bond... i escaped, naturally) ensuring that none of them cheated their way to the achievement.

How do you feel about people who cheat in this way? Are you one of these people? If so, what drives you to do this? Wouldn't you rather have the satisfaction of knowing you earned it, or are the gamerpoints all you care about?


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That's pretty ridiculous. I hate cheaters, especially people who conspire to cheat like that.

I could tell you were a bond fan just by your name. :lol:


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I personally don't care much about my gamer score or achievements, I do like to view peoples games to see how far they have gotten through of various games. I have spent a little extra time going for a specific achievement for the fun of completing a challenging goal in a game.

I also hate the idea of people helping each other get achievements in games by rigging battles, I find it quite pointless and is as childish as hacking your gamer card to bring it to 100,000's gamer score. If you rig achievements then your a pussy lazy ass that spends too much time playing games and care way too much about how other people view your gaming abilities.

Do it right if it means that much to you or just don't bother wasting your time, it's really that easy...
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The higher your gamerscore the less of a life you have.

Not something to be proud of.

I never understood achievement boosting...if you dont earn the achievement through standard means what is the point in getting it?


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People do this in Call of Duty ALL the time, especially on PC.

Nothing is as bad as people who downloaded other peoples completed achievement scores offline to their gamer tag so it looks like they have so many points without ever having to play the game.


New Member
That's pretty ridiculous. I hate cheaters, especially people who conspire to cheat like that.

I could tell you were a bond fan just by your name. :lol:
Haha, just a tad. You obviously are too. Have you played QoS?
I geniunely believe it to be the best video game ever created, and was banned from my other forum for saying so in a thread. People thought i was "trolling" or something.

I don't put much emphasis on gamerpoints at all, i don't think that having a really really high score is something to be proud of in an of itself, but some individual achievements are really quite tough, such as the Dr No one i outlined in my op. I actually unlocked the whole 1000 gamerpoints from Quantum of Solace.

Maybe it's a bit sad, but i did feel quite pleased with myself. It only took about 22 hours spread across a month though, and i only went after them because i absolutely love the game.