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Has anybody else seen this site?


or the video on


?? I think it's cool to see so many familiar faces supporting a good cause.



~Lucky 13 strikes again~
yes i saw the site and I think what they are doing is great and I will be support them by purchaseing one of the bands. It's a good cause I would encourage that we all spend a buck or more if you can.~Night~
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey sorry I ment to say 1 Unit. This is a real good cause and I think we all need to get behind it. :D :cool:


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I just went on it.. it does look like a great cause... I sign up.... one voice , as one. sounds like a great idea... nani


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I just checked it out also! I signed up and mailed to friends.............great cause!!


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Yes This Is for a good cause .I have also signed up.Thanks Andrew


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Being a big U2 fan... I had heard of this but, now I'm also signed up! Thanks for posting this Andrew.


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Great stuff!

But....what's a small and a large in a wristband??????????


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hehehe our Prime Minister wasn't even going to be at this particular G8... they don't want him there... lol... i think he is going now... but kicking and screaming all the way...
Speaking of U2... Bono hates our leader...