Wii One Wii game to choose ? Help

Hi guys,

I’m new here so please sorry if I make mistakes.
I would like your advice about the Nintendo.
What is the first wii game to buy here ? Zelda ? Should I wait for the new Mario ? There are more games than on PS3 but just a few look very good !

Thanks in advance !


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
So far the only games I really want are Twilight Princess and Red Steel, until Guitar Hero comes out for Wii.


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well, i have a couple wii games.

Zelda is awesome
Wario Ware:smooth moves is boring
Sonic and the Secret of the Rings is terrible
Mario Party 8 is great with 4 wiimotes and 4 players
Resident Evil 4: Wii edition is worth buying again for $30 even if u have it for GameCube.

that's my opinion... ;)