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One thing, you wish was not invented.


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Alright, let it out, I want to know one thing that you wish was NEVER or you want NEVER to be invented. It can be anything small or big, but you have to have a reason, you can't just say something stupid, I'll start by saying:

I don't want A.I to advance any further than it actually is. Might sound stupid, but i do think something will happen eventually, were going to wipe ourselves out one day.


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The telephone. When it's used for it's intended purpose it's a wonderful tool. However, most people misuse and abuse it. I thank God every day for answering machines and Caller ID since it means that I don't have to answer the damn thing everytime it rings.


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EDIT : Actually, I've changed my mind. I wish the Manhatten Project never existed. Basically, nuclear or atomic weaponry.
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Jack Thompson.


Halo. It lacks innovation, and the gameplay is generic and basic. It's hype was a lot more than it deserved, since there are lots better FPS games. This is why it should not have been invented.

Another thing would be Rapcore and nu metal. Rap styled singing in Rock and Metal just ruins it.
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Boost Mobile Cell Phones. I can't tell you how many times I sit in a fairly quiet room and then all of a sudden "CHIIRP," there's this loud chirping sound coming from the phone and the person has to respond and then on top of that everyone can hear both people's conversations.