one smart fellow


Epic Gamer
I boarded the train at Cancun, travelling with fair speed to the capital city. My journey would take several hours, I knew, but these new steam powered engines were the fastest mode of travel available, clever contraptions they were. Fortunately I had made prior preparations and wasted now time deliberating over this feat of science. I lowered my hat over my eyes and went to sleep. However, my reveries were shortlived, as soon I was awakened by a din. Raising my hat slowly, my eyes were met with a scene of horror. My sight focussed and I realized that the multi-limbed terror before me was not in fact a monster; it was two monsters, small and young, their mother nowhere to be seen. I groaned inwardly. They stared at me with evident shock, their eyes as wide as dinner plates - or maybe something a little smaller, saucers perhaps - and I stared back. Slowly they untangled themselves, and I noted their odd clothing. Blue, rough trousers, odd white shoes, shirts with short sleeves. Was this what the youth of today wore? One of the children had a strange design on his; a large ball of...fur? With a club of some sort...the words, "Captain Caveman!" imprinted above the image. What odd fashion was this, I asked myself? No matter; I ignored the children and opened the newspaper to my side.