One Piece discussion + Favorite Character


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Who is your favorite one Piece Character?
Mine is either Luffy, Trace or Hawk-eye Mihawk


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Re: Favorite Character

mine'd probably be Luffy. He's always light-hearted, or almost always, and I like how he has that giant grin.

I also like how he acts so stupid. just cracks me up


Re: Favorite Character

my fav. characters would probably be luffy, zoro, ace, shanks, taishigi, and sanji.


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Re: Favorite Character

mine would have to be buggy. he da bestest.


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
cursed fruit.

what cursed fruit would you like to have? I would like to have the chop chop fruit because you can dismember body parts. id have so much fun with that lol
Re: cursed fruit.

I'd have to go with gum gum fruit. Bbeing rubber seems to give more advantages than being able to separate. And seing as Luffy can take a blade to the back of the head, it seems being rubber gets rid of the threat of vital hits.