One Nets player is gay?



December 7. The NBA is about to be rocked by one of the biggest scandals in league history. has learned that a prominent member of the New Jersey Nets has admitted to his family that he's bisexual.

In an exclusive interview, spoke with a friend of the family who claims the player "came out" during a recent trip home. According to our source, "when [the player] came out of the closet, everyone was shocked ... we would always see pictures of him with models. No one suspected that he was into men."

And what's more shocking, tells our source, is that the NBA player has entered into a romantic relationship with one of his childhood friends. The tipster explains, "the two boys were friends since childhood ... when [the player] went to the NBA, he brought along [the friend] as a personal assistant." The tipster added, "I don't know how to feel, I love them both but something doesn't seem right about them being together like that."

And the source tells that the NBA star's relationship with his former pal appears to be serious. The source explains, "[the player] could have kept it quiet and nobody would have suspected. He came out because he wanted us to accept his relationship." The source added, "those two have been friends for many years .. if their relationship is anything like their friendship, its got to be serious."

The NBA player, who is African American, has been linked to a number of women in the past - all of whom are Caucasian. He is also known for enjoying the night life with his teammates and good friend Tyson Beckford.

For legal reasons, has decided not to print the name of the player.


My opinion about the player most definately won't change. There is some talk about it being RJ but really who cares? If he is bi, that's doesn't make a worse player

I hate the fact that is a "scandal". Oh please.

Then agan this can all be a hoax


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The site doesn't look very reputable but I agree with you. Who cares if he's gay? Well, the homophobes on the team will, but other than that it doesn't really matter. He's just going to get all the "ball hog" jokes thrown in his direction now :)


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Who Cares. He is allowed to be gay..who ever he is..I still won't hate him..

good thing he went out the closet now

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meh, chances are there's quite a few gay athletes.

I have nothing against Gay ppl.
I know what I like and the more gay men there are, the more woman there are for me :D


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Don't beleive everything you read, it might just be a hoax. But if it's true then it's not that big of a deal. A lot of atheletes are homosexuals probably, they just don't come out because they think it will tarnish their careers. But if it's true I won't see this player in a different light because it's is choice and I respect it.


Whos gay?

Not that there's anything wrong with that. One of the big three of the New Jersey Nets came out of the closet during the Thanksgiving holiday family gathering. Stories are circulating around different inner circles. I will keep the inquiring minds updated as I hear more.

Questions arise. Is the player good enough to Jackie Robinson the issue? Might this be a reason the Nets are struggling this season, the possible unease of the players?

The big 3 is Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson right? I bet its either Jefferson or Carter. I know Carter is or was married but who knows? I doubt its Kidd. I'm guessing its gonna be Jefferson.


I heard it was Richard Jefferson , Bi or Gay something but it's hard too see from him . I seen on another forum that he's been gay with Tyrese for year's but still doesn't make him less of a player.


I honestly really doubt that such a matter would affect team chemistry. These are grown men, they have respect for each otehr as players. As long as they contribute in the common goal that is the championship, what they do off the court in their personal life is completely up to them and neither here nor there when it comes to the team.