One More Week Left Before the NFL Playoffs


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With one more week left before the playoffs the following teams clinched their divisions...
AFC East New England Patriots
AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars
AFC West Kansas City Chiefs

NFC East Philadelphia Eagles
NFC North Minnesota Vikings
NFC South tie between New Orlean Saints and Carolina Panthers
NFC West LA Rams

With that being said for the AFC West and the NFC South and West who do you want for those slots?
Also any early perdictions on who's going to the bowl? Last is who are you going for?

I also wish some ladies would join this..believe it or not people have different reasons for choosing teams.. some go for teams by their records, others may be going for the team in their cities or one close by. Sometimes I even go for teams because they have an animal name or just because of the color of an uniform.

You're not going to be judged on this so why not try it for the fun of it? Try to choose at least who's going to the Super Bowl or choose both teams going. You don't have to feel like this is a mans sport.. Can anyone honestly say they have never seen a woman at any sporting event?
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I got the feeling the Chiefs will hold on to the top spot in the AFC West. However, their playoffs might be shortlived.

I don't know who'll take the NFC South and West but I got the feeling the Vikings will have a deep run in the playoffs this year. I think Carson Wentz' injury for the Eagles got them the door wide open to make it at least to the NFC Championship Game.


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I am hoping for an ALL Pennsylvania Superbowl - Eagles vs Steelers with the Eagles winning.

Despite losing Carson Wentz, I still like the Eagles chances and they clinched home field throughout.

That said, I think the Patriots will be in it and Either the Eagles or Vikings from the NFC. Hoping the Vikings come to Philly and have a bad game while Nick Foles has a good game.


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Ok so you said you would want an all Pennsylvannia bowl.. With those participating and any new member that comes along which of these 2 teams would you like to see win this? Eagles or Steelers and please give a reason for your choice.


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I'm an Eagles fan, born in Philadelphia and spent a good chunk of my life in the area. I live just outside the city. I want the Eagles to win. Every game. Always.


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I asked my fiancee what she thought b/c I wanted a female to reply..this is what she wants.. The Eagles of course. But if it's not down to these 2 teams then it doesn't matter who they face she wants the Jaguars to win it all. They have never been to the bowl to even have a chance to win it.
Go Jaguars :cool:


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100% Pennsylvania Super Bowl with the Steelers winning. I've been a Steelers fan since I was old enough to know what football was.

Why will they win? Well let's start with the AFC Championship - Patriots against the Steelers. The Steelers are mad - Harrison wanted out and he signed with the Pats. Steelers will have the last laugh.

The Steelers d will beat the backup QB - Foles.

Brown should be back in time for the playoffs. The killer B's - Ben, Brown, Bell and Boswell will get #7!

How's that for a female's opinion??