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One Man Disney Movie


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I watched this earlier today, it's just sheerly amazing how he can do 6 takes of himself all run at the same time as well as he does, he had six 8 minute runs through to get each unique part, that's crazy.

I wish I had that much musical skill.

Apparently he's also a Pixar animator so he's very successful in more than one field.


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That was awesome. I recognised all the songs and movies except for 1. I like singing Disney movie songs. In fact I got a gig before with Disney Channel and my group and I pretty much sang most of the extra parts of several movies (my fave was Beauty and the Beast's "Be our Guest"). I even dated Aladdin, lol.

He could have done Lion King's Circle of Life and put animal costumes. :lol: I actually like the props he used and references to the jokes in the movie, even the splashing of water of Little Mermaid.


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I've just sat and watched him 3 times....he's amazing. The hercules/mulan bit is stuning <3
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That was pretty incredible. I had to watch it on my phone since I can't view videos at work, but I'll definitely give it a watch again when I get home.

The guy is definitely talented, remarkable that he was able to pull that off. I do wonder how much time he put into this.
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