One hour to live?


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If you guys knew that you had one hour to live, what would you do in your last hour?

I would spend time with my family and friends, all my love ones, and I would drink lots and lots of beer, like I haven't ever drank before, and just enjoy myself and have a good nice meal.

What about you guys?


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I'm being dead serious here.

I would come out to my parents.

Tell them I want to have some special time in the computer room for about 15 minutes.

Then I'd spend about another 10 minutes with them, then spend the rest of it with my sister and possibly a friend of mine.


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Try to see all close friends, tell them how much they made a difference to my life then spend the last moments masterbating. Go out with a smile :D
Its quite funny I came across this thread actually because earlier I was talking to a friend about what we'd do if we knew the apocalypse was coming soon. To be fair, if you make it to the apocalypse your not gonna be missing out on anything since we're all going at pretty much the same time. Can you imagine that? Maybe I'd just get drunk so we could all just laugh about it...


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Propose to someone, steal a car, streak a public event, tell everyone I meet what I really really think about them, and probably some other adrenaline packed probably illegal things. I don't intend to go out quiet.


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Hmm. Call my friends up let them know how important they are. Make out with the next hot chick I see.

Spend some time with the family and then perhaps listen to some of my favorite songs.


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Well I was asked this on FC but I've changed my mind since. I would hang out with friends for a little while(includes playing baseball) and then spend whatever time I have left with my parents. Oh, yeah, have a little fun with whatever hot chick I could find.;)


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I'd smoke a joint and go for a walk through the woods. That, or spend the rest of my time with my family.