One God, One Bible, Why Not Just One Religion?


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I was reading in the Book of Acts Chapter 11: 25-26 that it said they were called Christians for the first time in Antioch.
25 Then Barnabas departed for Tarsus to seek Saul. 26 And when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. So it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people. And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. Bible Gateway passage: Acts 11 - New King James Version

With that being said if there is just one God, one Bible that is inspired by God, why not just one religion that believes
like that in the Bible? Why are there so many different religions, churches and teachings?


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I don't have fully the answer in my head now. . I probably need to do a little reading to figure out how the different churches and religions begin of one God and one bible. .

But I will say this for now. That the disciples even though Jesus was right there telling them to live after God, explaining in parables and even straight forward yo the disciples yet still argued often disagreeing in front of Jesus too. . Jesus stopped them and explained the meaning of what he said. . Once Jesus did they probably then understood better and so do we as well as reading the true testimony of the Bible. Each author Matthew Mark Luke and John wrote as if this is not an autobiography talking about them self. Rather they named them self as just someone else in the scene. But not quoting their own words. This testimony of the bible is really unique among books. Because the author was humble to focus that this is God's testimony. . But please know and read the Holy Spirit of God inspired each writer. For it was God the inspired word. Yet man wrote with their hand listens to the Holy Spirit what to write in the bible. . That's why he is God. The perfect God guided the imperfect man who wrote the absolute truth in the bible. . God has to be prefect if he can use imperfect man to teach his perfect laws.

It is like a race car driver driving and a road torn up with a bunch of rocks all over the place. A road that is so destroyed you can't drive on it. But yet God who is perfect can drive perfectly on the destroyed road. . You say that's impossible. No driver can do that. Correct. No man can. But God can because he does all things and knows all things. Nothing is impossible to God nothing at all.

So the imperfect disciples argue among themselves all the time. Well more like very often. Jesus never hated them because they did not understand. . But can you see even though right next to Jesus why do they argue? Well if they argue why would not new religions be created?

I thought Catholics were Christians. That they were just exactly alike. Not today I don't think so. I've studied with Jehovah Witnesses when I was younger. But later in life I talked to a lot of Mormons. Who did I believe? I'll tell that later. This post is early and needs more discussion. But I hope others can understand that even the disciples in the presence of Jesus disagreed. If they can do that then other religions was possible to form under the same book we know in the bible. As to why they created other religions and different churches? Got to do more study and learn.


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Cubs, do you mean why are there so many denominations within Christianity? That is because people get all bent out of shape over little details instead of focusing on our common ground. Baptists believe that baptism by sprinkling doesn't count, I think it's what you believe when you are baptized and what baptism means to you, not how the H2O is applied. God considers all real believers His children and we to play nice together instead of arguing over who is right or wrong about the details.