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Vomit One Direction


5 young guys who are making the absolute best of their situation.

I think the music sucks and the Ed Sheeran written song that they sing is one of the creepiest things I have ever heard.

It's not the worst thing on the radio or TV, but it is still pretty terrible.


Son of Liberty
Ok, I know this is subtalk but I WILL admit I do think "You've got that one thing" is a catchy song. I hate that kind of music, I'm into hard rock and metal music and would NEVER buy a One Direction CD, but I do have to admit I find that song catchy, that is I don't hate it.


I ♥ Haters
I like the little girl with the curly hair. She reminds me of a taller and skinny and Britishier and penisier Shirley Temple. She has tapped danced her way into my heart <3


One Direction like the Backstreet Boys. They even sang on of the BSB's song in their latest concert.


aka ginger warlock
A band I do not like but I do understand why they appeal and are popular to certain people in the same way as Justin Bieber is seen as a good singer.


Registered Member
A band that needs to go in any other direction that does not affect me
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