One bad experience?


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Is one bad experience often enough to make you stay away from a store?

I understand that if you go to a small, mom & pop store and are treated rudely by the owner, there's a good chance you'll be treated the same way in the future.

But if you walk into a major retail chain, and one of their employees does a bad job, there's a good chance that person won't even be working there in a couple months. And depending on what they did, maybe they were just new, and made a mistake.

I think many people go too far in that.


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Not at all. I obviously like the place to go there. However, if I saw the person that was rude to me and they did it again then I'd complain to their manager. You can't work in a shop and be rude to people. It's just not on.


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Exactly. That's another point I forgot to mention - how many times do people just cut off going to a store rather than talk to a manager?


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I don't think an employee doing a bad job would put me off because people make mistakes or could be new to the job.

If the person is rude then it wouldn't put me off going to the shop as I might not even get the same person again for example in the larger retail chain stores. If I knew I was going to be getting the same rude person again I wouldn't go there again. I wouldn't complain to the manager because to be honest in my experience managers never do anything about it anyway.


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Everyone has bad days, you never know what that employee was going through that day, he might of lost a family member not to long ago, he might of asked the day off but his boss didn't give it to him. There's of possibilities. I just rub it off and don't take any offense to it. It won't stop me from going to the store.
Bad service would probably never stop me from going to a store if it were convenient for me to go there. I wouldn't take it personally, and I probably wouldn't complain to the manager either, unless it was an extreme case. Like Babe said, you never know what that person is going through. And even so, I'm just not bothered by it. Cons said this in another thread and it kind of applies here too:
Cut her some slack, I mean, she does work at Walmart. It pretty much means her life is at a stalemate.


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If I go to a large store, and an employee is rude to me, then i'm gonna complain. If there manager is rude to me when i'm laying the complaint, I am not going to be going back to the store, because if management doesn't care, there are probably going to be more incidents like it. If management handles it well, i'll go back to the store.


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I think i'd just continue to be pleasant to the staff member. People have bad days and they could have had a really shitty customer before me. I just try and remind them that some customers are nice.


However, with cafe's and restaurants if the service is bad then I won't go back for a long time and I'll talk to management. I don't like dining experiences being just annoys me.



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It depends on how desperate I am. If it's the store that's most convenient to go to and has the one I need, then I might eat my pride and still go back despite a bad experience. However, there's a difference between just a rude experience (that is employee specific) or really bad service and policy in general.
The thing is not like that , might be there are a few people working on a store and would talk to you rudely, but mostly where ever i go for shop every sale man to owner usually talk to me in manners because for them Customer satisfaction is their job.