On the Internet?


When you work/study, do you keep the internet on???
IF yes, you check it every how many minutes?

IF no, when do you turn it on?


I have this bad habit of keeping it on and it destructs me from work/studies. :stare:


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My internet is always on if my PC or laptop is in use. I check it every 10-20 mins if I am social networking or expecting an email, sometimes I forget its on at all if I am doing research for class or watching a film. I can be absent minded quite a bit so it tends to be unintentionally ignored more often then not, which is irritating for friend who may be trying to contact me other than by phone.


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Back when I was in university, while writing papers, I always found it easier to write them if I stopped to chat with people frequently while writing it. It tended to write it, but the chatting kept me at the computer writing instead of off doing something else.
The vast majority of my work is done on the computer with internet aid, so I'm always going back and forth between that and non-work related stuff. At the very least, I'll be on IM.

I can't really say how often I 'check' it. Sometimes I'll get really into what I'm writing and not stray for an hour or so at a time. Otherwise, I'm getting distracted at every other sentence, or when I start to get a bit stuck on something.


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I'm constantly on the internet as most of my programs rely solely on it so of course i go surfing as well. I'll check my stuff every 10-20 minutes unless something jumps out at me when i'm scrolling through stuff as i leave all the tabs open


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When I use to take computer class in school I use to go on the Internet all the time instead of paying attention to the teacher. But as I grew older, I came to realize that work is by far more important and that should be your number one priority.


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Usually when I first get to work in the morning, I keep the internet off for a couple hours so it doesn't distract me and I can get the majority of the days work then. Mid morning/lunch I usually pop it up and keep it in the background, checking it every few minutes for the rest of the day. Of course, if I have no work on, i'll check it more regularly (like today) and if I have a shit load of work on, I won't check it as regularly. If I have something that requires a lot of my brain power I will turn it off altogether as i'm more likely to make mistakes if I'm concentrating on the internet as well.


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Im on the internet constantly whilst working. It is an effective tool and has the answer to most things if needed. Offers inspiration when sought and provides a portal to a wealth of information and communication.

...but yes I can and do get distracted quite often but turning it off wont make me any more productive so for the most part it gets left on.


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When I went to school and had to type up something I would still leave the internet on and check myspace as it was at the time when I got a chance, I had to make sure my parents didn't see haha.


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While I'm at work I'll have my internet on but I'll only be on a guest and not posts on any forums I'm part of. I focus hard enough on my job at hand I cant really lose that focus to post on a discussion forum...but when I was in high school I was the total opposite. All internet and no work.