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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Boredie, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I travel the bus every morning to get to work and back again. There are all ages getting on and off the bus. When I see an elderly person I will immediately get up and offer/insist they sit down. It makes me feel good and at the same time I get frustrated at the kids who don't ever get up. It's always the adults who do it.
    Sometimes elderly people get annoyed at the young ones for having no respect for the elderly and refuse to stand up for them.
    Would you be one to tell a child to vacate his seat or would you just do it yourself?

    A wide person who gets on the bus usually takes up 1.5 seats. Should bus companies have a couple of 1.5 seats on their buses? Or should you make these people pay for a double seat since it's uncomfortable for anyone else to squeeze in next to them?
    It's not fair for the wide person to have to pay extra, but then again no one else can sit comfortably next to him/her. Why should another person have an uncomfortable ride?

  2. Mirage

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    I've said this in airplane threads too. You should pay for the amount of seats you fill, rounding up to the nearest one seat. You pay for one automatically but if you overflow into the next seat then that should be yours too.

    It's not discrimination, it's charging per seat that somebody fills up. It's a fact of life, bigger things take up more space. People are not immune to this.
  3. EllyDicious

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    Regarding the seat offer, that's a good thing you show for elderly persons.
    Kids don't do that because they're kids first of all and they don't understand what's right or wrong, plus...their parents may have not educated them about this issue. Or....they may have educated them, but kids just don't care when they are not accompanied by parents.
    Anyway, personally, when i was a kid i always used to offer a seat to an elderly person (whether i had parents with me or not).

    Regarding the seat payment, this concept doesn't exist here in Albania. Everyone pays when he/she gets on bus(whether he/she sits or not). We pay just 1 time and this is not seat related.
    But if abroad, people pay for once (when they get on bus) and pay plus if they sit, [so 2 payments], i think it's fair for the wide person to pay for 2 seats.
    It has nothing to do with discrimination, but it has to do with the fact that everyone is equal to the law. If i pay for 1 seat, and you sit next to me(while being a wide person), i will not enjoy the trip so i will stand up and stay on foot.(while i payed for the seat).
    so yeah..
  4. ysabel

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    I noticed that here in the public transports too. Not just with the elderly but also for all other people considered "priority" to get seats like handicapped, pregnant people, those traveling with infants, etc. It's just courtesy to give up your seat for them but unless it's illegal, some people don't really care. It's first come first served. After all, they're tired and lazy and they paid for the trip.

    You mean if I'm the one who needed the seat? I don't really ask people to give up their seats for me unless I'm really having a hard time (like some moments in my last trimester of pregnancy and young perky people were sitting on the priority spots). It's not a time to be a martyr and to be shy, I need to be seated or I could faint and give birth in the bus.

    I don't agree with this because the the bus fare that you pay is really for the trip, not the comfort nor the seats. Meaning, if you happen to stand on the bus and not get a seat, it doesn't make the fare free or cheaper for you. :dunno:
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  5. Twitch

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    I always offer my seat up to elderly people and women I am with.

    Larger people shouldn't have to pay more for the train, maybe for something more serious like an airplane.
  6. Boredie

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    Actually meant if you'd ask a child to vacate a seat for someone else who needs it.

    I see what you mean. Drivers here on many occasions (when the bus trip is between cities) let the passengers know whether there's a vacant seat or if they'll have to stand for the whole journey. Some people would wait for the next bus to e able to pay the fare and sit.
    Perhaps you pay the same and stand while on the bus, but the fare is generally for a seat on the bus and you choose to go on the bus even if you have to stand. Or am I mistaken?
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  7. viLky

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    Well, they ARE taking up another seat, so it would only be natural for them to pay for two. I'm not going to sit on 2/3rd my seat while they take up 1/3 of my space. No way. Either stand up and hold on or pay for two seats. It's unfair to us smaller folk.

    As for standing up for elderly I don't do it unless the place is packed (either bus, church, ect...). If I see somebody standing there I'll ask them, but I'm not going out of my way to ask when there are perfectly good seats available behind me or whatnot.
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  8. wolfheart

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    I travel by bus a lot and will offer my seat to the elderly, women who are pregnant and people on crutches as there are a couple of hospitls on the routes I take.

    If I have one of the little ones with I will seat them on my lap, my eldest offers her seat to people as well.

    The buses here that are double decked have a automated thing that says if there are seats available on the upper deck, which is handy.
    As for people who take up a little more than one seat I am not sure if they should have to pay a bit extra.
  9. Jindrax

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    I take the tram everyday home from school. And i get up for old people everytime.. it doesnt bother me. I just hope that when i do get up they see that not all black poeple are thievs murderes and whatever else they think... and maybe next time they vote they'll reconsider voting for the extreme right party :)
  10. Rebeccaaa

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    I think it's rude when younger people don't give their seat up to the elderly. They have the same right to the seat but it's just common courtesy. I would never actually say anything though. And I'd definately do it, I rarely travel by bus but have given up my seat a few times.

    For the other point: If they are taking up an extra seat, they should pay for two, I guess.

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