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On MIS strategies


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any enterprises have invested huge funds, or are preparing to make great efforts to build large-scale computer management information system (MIS) system widespread the problem is difficult to achieve the desired results. Some of the large-scale development and practical application of the scope of it are minimal. Some systems do not use with no significant difference. As the technology behind the system still maintaining the workload is too heavy, if not on the basis of their original function as an extension of something [FONT=&#23435]。[/FONT]else Development on a specific issue, the key is to develop procedures for data handling. it does not require great physical (such as power systems) concept, and do not need complex mathematical algorithms, generally it is easier to achieve, and most of the use of the latest high performance computer hardware and software for standing personnel from the development of computer technology, small networks or debug barrier due to the suspension of development issues. Therefore, difficult to reach the desired goal of the reasons is not a simple technical issue, worthy of in-depth study. This paper tries to make some observations on the MIS strategy.
MIS, the basic problem
MIS building systems and content is often difficult to determine the ultimate goal. For example : plant equipment management system, thousands of equipment types, versions of the ownership sector, installation position are vastly different. MIS to the management of content, the effect and operation of the state involved in a great many things, systems development through hard study to determine the content. In fact, The fundamental difference between MIS and general project before development is not fully established in the objectives and content that it is impossible to expect a detailed design of a simple, all-round way, and the building control system. This is the most important feature of MIS. Therefore , a simple way to deal with the general construction of the MIS and would like to have a detailed design, According to the design development, the development of such a request, not only in a short period of time to fully grasp the original work. and to design new ways of working out a solution, in fact it is very difficult for them to do so. Now is still in the process of industrialization, the industrial system is not perfect enough. still in the rapid development and changes, MIS must be ready to facilitate this request to amend, or else system is likely to be replaced. This has established the first system of various functional systems development and then attempt more likely.
Organizational development and to achieve long-term operation must have a corresponding method. To organize data at the core, no matter how complicated the internal computer, MIS are usually only used in the computer's operation. With the rapid development of computer technology, and its function is growing stronger and stronger, more and more simple to use. MIS computer technology itself is no longer a problem. System development, the key question is how to solve computer to computer as a platform for the new system.
MIS development is based on the characteristics of the computer re-design a new work practices. This work is often overlooked, feature of the design is based entirely on the computer's functions manually. As craftsmen who use the manual mode of production design of the auto industry production lines, in fact, can not really improve efficiency, This MIS does not play its due role.
Scholar James Martin (JamesMartin) :data processing work in the "data is stable, with a volatile and the data in modern data processing center. "From this he proposed the "overall data planning" methods. As "should artisan production from the vehicle manufacturers into large production, need to build a real infrastructure ",The new computer system of "basic structure" of the data for the overall planning and organization, establish a unified information.
Platform for data center will be divided into shape data platform and system development platform transform data from the result of two parts. so that the overall structure of the system is simple and clear :
Establishment of the same information platform by virtue of the existing development tools, the results can easily transform all out. all completely unnecessary and will be determined in advance; the other, no matter how changes in the management structure. related to the basic data is stable, changing only the functional changes of procedures to meet the requirements of enterprise reform. Some of the data content and more specific classification, such as : airline and rail ticketing system, the library system, This system can start implementing development data directly from the organization. And more and more of the data elements contained in the system is concealed, such as : plant equipment management system, the amount of data is great. complex data, a short period of time is almost impossible to fully grasp, in the process of developing the progressive identification data the classification of data and gradually establish a data platform .Organize and control the development process.
System workload great general, organizers and developers should consider a comprehensive grasp and control of the development process. so methodically. The main result of the development process is the ultimate manifestation of the development of a large number of procedures, It is often just pay attention to the development process, it is far from being enough. Although the final performance as a war fought on the battlefield, and the planning behind the war that was important to the outcome, organize and control the development process to determine the system's future stability. Here follows :
Arrangement : smooth transition from the old to work on a new computer system for the management, users of the development is a gradual process, not an event .MIS construction, development often have a lot of procedures, and a one-time trial operation, is the lack of the necessary arrangements; Some of the problems and difficulties in the development of a large-scale launch of the development and control too much. This workload will be too difficult and focus so that the users and developers fell into the bout, prejudice system. Through the decomposition of the system, according to the workload, users of the system and other factors in order to develop the role of the order, and the development of the subsystem under development and deployment at any time, the system can develop a minor. smooth the development process, it will facilitate the formation of a systematic manner.
Overall : MIS is a system for controlling the process, but in the development process. For many of the problems affecting the formation of local interests. Some computer users do not understand, and often a function after the completion of the proposed new requirements. And it is apparent that we should consider the problem; Some users acquire a certain amount of computer knowledge. But few really understand and accept the concept of systems, to isolate them from the perspective contrary to the requirements and systems, just as programmers or developers, and direct their own development work. They realize that the functional requirements and relatively simple development should be completed immediately. If development were cool enough, it is easy to go into specific issues, lost control of the overall development process. Under such circumstances MIS is not successful. Therefore, development should be good at understanding and grasp the systemic nature of the issue, have a clear concept of the system, while effective technical and organizational measures be taken to ensure that development work initiative.
Attract users : user involvement is crucial to the entire system. In the development phase of the system, users have their own original work and, They can not always turn the work around the development of the system will not meet the development, This will provide developers would like them to do a lot of work can be fully implemented. Therefore, the need for effective measures to attract users rely on to persuade the leadership, users with administrative orders forcing users to participate in the development would negative, and even resentment, leading to the development and application of line. Users are often unable to meet developers complain, users with low or even think that the quality of China's practice of MIS in advance. The reason is that users do not participate in the development work.
Promptly put into trial operation is to attract users to participate in the development work and an effective way of specific exchanges with them. Therefore , the subsystem to facilitate the development and trial operation decomposition .In many subsystems, we should pay attention to the development of user-selected using the results first subsystem development .users of the system will increase the effectiveness of its operations in the building of confidence and the support of development .It should also use the data processing constraints among users, to enable users to master new ways of working .active support for the work .
Rapid transition : the formation of the entire system requires a gradual process, must not be too hasty; and the development of the subsystem to be completed quickly, in order to ensure that the overall deployment of confusion, it is the rhythm of the building. After the trial operation basically stable, decisive end to the original work as soon as possible to enable new ways of stabilizing .
The basic system work:
MIS greatly simplified the management staff, so that the senior management of middle and the middle of the grass roots, Equipment attached to the primary system management, supervision and control, business reduced workload, the system's maintenance workload increased, work to improve the lot of business to improve the system, the system's normal operation has become the lifeblood of business operations, therefore, selection Special train qualified personnel at all levels are responsible for the computer system is the foundation for building enterprise MIS.
Only have a certain computer systems responsible for doing MIS computer knowledge is not enough. The officer in charge of computer application can not only discovered that the solution to their problems. More importantly, the system is able to give leadership to the development and application of appropriate planning, MIS construction as well as leading the reform of the basis for decision-making enterprises. Overseas experience has proved that the MIS system management is the key to selecting and training.
The construction and operation of information systems related to the sharing of computer software and hardware, working in many respects, of a unified rules and agreements, as a link between elements of the rules system, the system as an organic whole. support systems development and operations. A series of standards and norms in the system is another basic work, there are three main aspects :
Information : standardized code : If things characteristics and so on. Standards in this area to the original formulation and implementation of the new system is a prerequisite for change.
Computer hardware and software platforms including : standard computer hardware, operating system, database, network and word-processing and other content. These norms are networked guarantee.
These include : maintenance management system operating procedures, set up posts, the posts of computer technology standards .This is a new management system to make it acceptable to ensure stable operation.
MIS construction, the development of the first organizers of users and is being used in a manner that should go deep into the realities of life, specific analysis of specific situations, the need to establish a new mode of creativity, and organizational measures used to control development process. This work requires a management theory theory of knowledge, especially modern management information systems, MIS, the aim is to achieve a new computer system for the center's work, The result is a computer system or whether the work will be clear and standardized. MIS is the combination of management information systems and computer systems, to improve the management system must not be overlooked. Not simply using computer technology to treat the entire MIS. As a new field, MIS methodology abroad is a very active research field .We are committed to the development of MIS research methodology .interested in this issue and hope that the frequent exchanges of leaders and experts together to explore the laws of MIS.