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On entering a Party


Registered Member
I don't really go to parties. Maybe it's because I am getting old, cynical and boring but honestly parties just hold no appeal to me. What do you do? You stand around making small talk with people you may not really know, if you are lucky they may be playing some kind of music you like, they may have a drink you want and you may find someone to talk to. Me? Well when I do go to a party I make sure I have enough smokes to be able to say "sorry but I really need a smoke, I will be back" by which time the other person has forgotten about me.

Like I say, cynical. The thing is I do like being social but the problem is I like it on my terms. What this means is I like to know where i am, I like to know what is going on, I like to know who I am with and I like to know that I am free to leave at any time with no questions asked, I am lucky, my close freinds no me well enough that if I need to walk away I am not being rude, I simply need space.

But enough about me and my social skills (or lack there of) what kind of a party goer are you? Are you the out til dawn rager? Are you the life of the party that everyone cheers for when you walk in the room? Or are you the sort that would rather meet in small circles over a coffee discussing your day? Is partying overrated?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I usually go to parties with people I know. So, it’s pretty basic for me – hey guys, let’s get drunk. Then let the fun times begin.


Registered Member
Most parties I've been to were during college. There were at a random house and packed with tons of people. I didn't really enjoy them until a house a friend lived at started having them, so I was comfortable there. There were times when I was the one inviting a lot of the people and dealing with assholes.

I still remember a moment when they had a band in the basement, the cops came, and everyone got kicked out except a few people with the band. One of them started being a piece of shit and a one of the guys who lived at the house kicked everyone out personally except me. We finished the keg between like 6 people.

I don't think I'll ever be the person everyone notices when they walked in. It sort of happened once at a get-together with a bunch of people I worked with, but they were waiting for me to start making jokes because I was always poking fun at people when working hahah. I'd definitely rather just get together with a few people for beers.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use to go to parties, most of the time they were only a few people at them, a dozen at the most. I would just burst in, here I am and start drinking the beer.ha ha Occasionally I would go to a bar if everyone wanted to.