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On a Diet Again!


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Well HI! :) I have not been on here in awhile. I have been kind of busy with things at home and some other things, but FINALLY had a chance to pop in and see what is going on! Gotta get the "itch" to post outta my system! :)

Ok so other than the usual kids, work, husband stuff going on, I decided last week when i put on a pair of jeans that USED to be almost to big and they were almost to SMALL this time to join weight watchers again. Of course the slim fast diet DID NOT Work in fact I think I gained when I did it! I have done weight watchers before and in fact am a life time member, so I know with some effort this will work. So far so good!

So tell me what diets have worked for you in the past and what low cal, low fat reciepies would you mind sharing with me?

I just found one I am going to try soon its called

Oatmeal Fudge Squares

1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp quick oats
1/4 cup unsweetened apples sauce
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup cocoa powder
2 tbsp flour
1/4 cup honey
2 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 325. Combine Oats and apple sauce; let stand five minutes. Add remaining ingredients and stir to mix well. Coat an 8 inch square pan with nonstick cooking spray.. Spread batter evenly in the pan and back for about 22 minutes or until the edges are firm and the center is almost set. Cool to room temp and cut into squares. 64 cal, 0.5 fat, 1 g fiber

16 servings 1 weight watcher point per serving


Oh and on another note:

I have been SO broke lately and REALLY needed to get my hair highlighted and thought hmmmm i'll spend ten bucks, get a kit from walmart and do it myself.........Soooo thinking the one that you use the little brush and brush the highlights on would be a better choice than pulling it through a cap, I grab that box. Get home and start slapping it on!! 40 minutes later I rinse, wash, pat dry and go to drying anticipiating seeing my nice new highlighted look..............I raise up after blowing my hair dry upside down (a girl thing) and OMG OMG OMG!!! OHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!! MY hair is ORANGE!!! Yep........I dunno what happened! So I GO BACK to walmart and get one to pull my hair through a cap and try it again........now I have super blonde hair with orange mingled in............

Now, I gotta live with it until I can afford to go get it fixed! LOL

Didn't ya'll miss me!!!???? LOL LOL LOL
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That is terrible about the hair. I want to highlight my hair so bad, but was thinking of doing the home method. Now, I am thinking twice about it. My friend used one of the kits and it turned out fine. So...I wonder if I should or shouldn't try it.
Now, I would like to know more about this lifetime membership with weight watchers. I need to lose so bad. I don't eat healthy food, not the fattening foods at all, exercise(walking 3-4 times a week), but this weight is the stubbornist thing that I ever could have imagined.


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When I stopped smoking I took up eating full time. Gained 50#
About three years ago I weighed 240. Currently I am at 210 My goal is 190
I didn't go on a diet. I changed my eating habits. I eat broccoli and carrots almost daily. Lots of spinach, fresh fruits and turkey burgers. No fast food stuff at all. I do still eat (and I shouldn't) pizza, ice cream etc but in moderation. I exercise regularly. No the pounds didn't just fall off. It has been a slow go but I haven't put any of the weight back on.
I think its a heck of a lot easier just to find somebody who likes fat girls / guys LOL

Seriously, you can diet for the rest of your life but until you make the commitment to change your eating habits for good you'll be stuck in the yo yo syndrome.


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Gonna have to go with Rheaman here Jenn (BTW..YES, I've missed you!!!) all the diets in the world will never help you. The only way to get healthy and stay that way is by eating the right foods and exercising....exercise is key!! It' s not too difficult to squeeze some moving time into your daily routine, it won't happen overnight, but you will notice some nice changes, which will make you want to keep up with the healthy lifestyle!


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While I do not agree with Atkins diet (I believe your body NEEDS those carbs... ALL OF THEM LOTS OF THEM!) I do agree that they say you have to change your eating lifestyle. Just like Rheaman and Angelspeak said :)

Though, trying newer healthier foods is a great way to get started. To see what kind of lifestyle you want to start living! :D Those fudge things sound yummy regardless if they ARE 'diet food'


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Hey everyone!! Yeah I know you have to change you lifestyle and the way you eat for good and that is my problem. I loose weight and want to go back to eatting crap all the time!

Weight Watchers in my opinion is a good diet. They have a points sysytem which pretty much teaches you portion controll. You can eat what ever you want, but once you have used your points thats it! It also teaches you to make better choices, because you tend to get stingy with those points!! LOL

So far this morning I have had a one point chocolate cake thingy from WW with my coffee (I feel I HAVE to have something like that with my coffee every morning!) And I have had an apple. I also brought to work with me some pretzels for snacking and my lean cuisnine for lunch. I have done SO many different diets and WW is by far the best, but never the less, you have to WANT to diet for it to be successfull.

CHrt--as for the lifetime thing, when you joine WW you have a goal and you can set your goal for the top end of what your suppose to weight for your height, which mine is 147 is the MOST I can weigh, So once you get there and stay there for a couple weeks you become a lifetime member, which means you never have to pay again. UNLESS you gain over that reccomended weight (which I have) then you just pay a weekly fee until you get back down to that wieght and then you dont have to pay anymore.

My Aunt lost a BUNCH of weight on WW and has kept it off. She continues to count her points and exercises.

Soooo NO healty recipies? LOL