Omiee Work number 2


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Ok i had some requests to post more work, so here it is - again some kind of old some very very old, i have not done any new material in a while. let me know what you think.

This was when my tag was FEED, i have had a few though, MCdezign, Rienagraphica, QueenGFX and OmieeART

I am going to post some more below.


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I have loads of work so i wont post it all - i am going to post some tutorials and some material information soon, if anyone wants to use any of the following peices of my work feel free :)



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nice work
you have a good style
some are better then others
but most of them are really good
do make them all from scratch or what
and did you say you did work for underground artists


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yeah i have done in the past, not at the moment, i am gonna pick everything up again very soon. and yes apart from the renders everything is from scratch