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Ahh i am sooo glad we have this here, now my work is a bit old but never the less i am wanting to get back into the whole gfx thing again.

Hope you like some of my work.

This is a slow jamz album cover that i did for someone

mock up for a website banner

this was one of my first tutorials

Here are just a small few, i have loads more - constructive critisism welcomed, also when i get back into it i will start making customised sigs and avatars again.


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Thats really nice stuff my friend. I especially like the Tupac sig, I am a huge fan of his and everything on that sig is great, the picture is great quality and the text is great. Your really talented keep up the great work.


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Nice collection, I especially like 2,6,7,8 and 9. Did you adjust the brightness in 10? The whites seem a little blown out, it's a nice effect but too many hot spots. Also what tut did you use for 9? 2 has this cool Pulp Fiction mood going on or maybe more like Sin City or another of Frank Millers comics. The only problem I have with 6 is that the name Baxter is a little awkward looking, it's kinda covered. I like 1 but I'm confused by what you actually made, did you create everything from scratch? The text seems a bit cramped at the bottom but I like the mood, and I especially like the text you used for Slow Jamz, which text is it?

*EDIT Again* Let me be the 3rd to say great work and keep it up, we wanna see more!
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Thanks alot for the comments, some of the work displayed is about 2 yrs old so some are better than others as you can see...

booku, the top is a slow jamz album cover that i did for someone who was recording some songs onto a cd, i used to make them for people who wanted to add a nice cover to the cd's that they make - i did a couple for some underground music artists. i cant remember the font actually, i dont have photoshop at the moment to check, but i know it is one i downloaded from or something like that.

i didnt use a tutorial for the 2pac one, i just used a render and overlayed the colours like 100 times using different brush strokes and smudges inbetween..if thats the one ur talking about - the one underneath was a manga/anime style tutorial that i found on the net.

I will post more pics when i can get on at the moment the site is down.
Some of them are a bit TOO sexual for my taste. Though, with that said, I think they look great. I like the Riene one with the gold/yellow colors. That's some quality stuff.