omg will mmorpgs take over the world?


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Today people play games in an effort to do something or be someone you couldn't in the real life. The big player in alot of these video games are mmorpgs.

Mmorpgs are very popular due to the fact that you can be whoever you want to be. You can create a whole new identity. In the world of mmorpgs, there is no difference between the rich and the poor. There is no difference between the beautiful and the ugly. Everything is decided by the player from looks to class to how strong or fast there virtual character is. This second identity is not limited by genetics, and wealth. It is limited only by what you want it to be.

This virtual you is not only exactly what you would like to be, but he or she can go places and do things they never could in real life. You can carry a staff or sword around and hunt evil monsters or just play with friends. You create a perfect virtual self, inside a utopia. A world where everything is equal, and noone is bound.

While even today some people are more known as there virtual self then they are there real self, alot of people still have to keep manual jobs for a living.

Statistics say that the mmorpg community, and speed of the internet, and size of the consoles cut in half every two years. As more and more people join the virtual community, less and less manual labor is needed due to the replacement of machines.

A big hurdle we will need to overcome in the future will be the growth of poverty as capitalism makes use of machines, and manual labor becomes less and less necessary. We already see this happeneing now as more labor intensive jobs go to china as office, and technological jobs increase in America. The main problem with this, is that china is increasing steadily in technology, and will eventually become almost independent of America.

As capitalism consumes our nation, and poverty increases, it is imminent that we will go into a depression. Socialism is the best cure for this, and it is quite possible that the majority of america could become unemployed. With robots doing our farming, building, shopping, and transporting; we as humans are not as needed.

As the government takes care of our needs, and we work and leave the house less, our virtual self who lives in the utopian society where everyone is equal and beautiful based on the selfs opinion becomes just another life.

We wear retina scanners, and brain sensitivity devices that let us control and see our characters hands free. Soon the world Earth is just a less needes, less convienant place we have to return to once in awhile to eat food.

Global population becomes less of an issue as people leave there house less. Relationships are only virtual. The only need to ever meet would be sex. Ovcoarse by this time there would already by sex devices made controlled by the mind. So even sex would be done in the virtual world. The only reason would be to actually plan to have children.

This could also improve society. The younger sex-crazed boys and girls would not need to have real sex and risk getting the girl pregnant. It would be much more convienant to do it with your virtual character. You would feel the same thing. only alot less conveinant, and no risk. Only the educated people living in the real world who work to program and maintain both the virtual and real world would be more likely to reproduce therefore only making the human population smarter.

There also would ovcoarse be specific food diets controlled by the government. Noone would care though as long as it doesn't interfere with there virtual world.

Soon a whole virtual universe would be created. Specific laws added like gravity. over generations we become more and more engrossed in this universe. As technology increases we no longer need to leave this virtual world. As it becomes more and more real to us, we create societies, and governments inside the world. We create religion and nationalism. We work to get what we want and need in the virtual world. We are the virtual world. We are a world created and programmed by the gods. We are controlled bye our souls. Our souls the players of the game.

We forget it's a game made to have fun. Made to keep our souls entertained. We ask the meaning of life. We pretend we have a importance in life. We pretend were doing something. When really, were just playing the game. Even when the world is unplugged, it doesnt matter.

And even when we know all this, we continue to play. We continue to follow the uncontrollable urges that forces to fulfil our desires and wants. When we can not fulfil these urges. When the fun ends, we quit. We quit and restart somewhere in a different part of the universe. Hopeing this time it will be funner. When our souls grow tired of this character, it quits, and starts over as a new character.


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That's an interesting paper you wrote there. I've never played mmorpg's much but the very idea of them seems awesome to me. I'm sure if I wanted to I could become addicted pretty quickly.

Did you write that for a school project? Hopefully you got a good grade. It was a good read for sure.


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No. To be completely honest, i'm extrememly embarassed that I play MMORPGs. My friends wouldn't be very accepting. I made it only for... I don't know.. I guess to be brutally honest toward myself... I made it for attention, and it interests me.
Interesting topic. It touches on some similar themes that this article discusses by a writer that I really like. Might wanna check it out if the topic interests you.

If some of these predictions start to come true, the world is going to be a really weird place in a few decades.
Soon a whole virtual universe would be created. Specific laws added like gravity. over generations we become more and more engrossed in this universe.
That reminds me of the video game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for the PlayStation 2 console. In a nutshell, 4D beings are all playing video games of undeveloped world. In this world you can find jobs, fight monsters, go into space, ect... For the better part of the game you think there is only one universe, but to find out you're a video game character in a video game. That was a very anti-climatic plot twist... Ugh... Anyways, yeah, in the 4D world, only privileged people could work while everybody else just hung out and lounged around.
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