OMG! Stupid stupid imbecile father...


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If this doesn't enrage you, I think something might be wrong with you.

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Personally I believe this guy should be reported. He's going to cause permanent arm and shoulder problems for his kid. It's flat out child abuse. :mad:


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What. The. Hell?

Brain damage, shoulder/hand issues, an accidental fall, SIDS? Someone needs to shoot this guy and they need to do it now.


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Wow! That's terrible, I can't believe he was spinning him like that for a whole three minutes. One of the biggest surprises in this whole video is that the baby wasn't even crying.

None the less, the father is "fucked up" to do something like this to his kid.


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I'm shocked that someone would actually think this was safe to do to a kid as young as him. Has this guy ever heard of shaken baby syndrome? I'd say thats shaking him a bit. Gah, I didn't even watch the whole video.


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I skipped through to see everything he was doing and yeah, it was fucked up. I think it's okay to do some of the things in the beginning to a kid (and older kid that's like 5) because some kids like to be spun around, but not to a baby like that. One slip and the babies into the wall, probably dead.


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I thought he was gonna drop that kid on his head when he flipped him over and grabbed his ankles. I'm surprised he'd actually film it and think people would find him funny. Whoa, someone needs to take this artard's kids away. He is clearly not fit to be a parent.