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Omg! See What My Snatch Is Getting Me???


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LOL!!! U are to funny!!!!!

Another out of site Message!

Q: Hello, I have been reading your story and was very touched. Life can throw you some curve balls and hit you right in the teeth when you're not looking! Seems like you've taken it better than most would! Good to see that you've still got a sense of humor, that can be better than any medicine! I was the first bidder on your snatch, but seeing that you are a very classy gal I could not afford it. I upped my bid twice and was still out-bid. I would very much like to taste your snatch, and maybe even let my wife try (she's an adventurous-type girl!) I figured that you might be willing to slip me some snatch on the side in order to make a little extra cash. No one else has to know, it can be our little secret (I won't tell if you won't)! I would be happy to stick some cash in the mail in exchange for some snatch (after receiving the money - of course)Let me know what you decide. :O) Yes or no, keep your head up! Thanks for the laughs!

WOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I decided not to post this one either! LOL I was very poliet, thanked him for enjoying my snatch and to keep his eyes open for some BIN snatch! LOL

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I love the auction and am watching of course!! Hope it goes better than the cherry auction


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TY Froggy!!! Add some lilly pads and it can be called froggy snatch!!


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OMG Jen - I don't know what's funnier...your Snatch auction or reading some of the questions you were sent! Geesh, makes a girl blush just reading em! Glad you're taking 'em with a good laugh though!


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Good Luck Jen.IM watching for ya


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I just have to say that there is three threads on this auction and you know what after reading these if I never see another snatch in my life it will be too soon!!!!

hahahahah BAhahahahah hahahahaha