Omega's love life (Lots of reading)

Part One: Virgin

You may have heard me talk about having sex in the past but it was a lie. I am not happy about being on but everyone I have had the chance to make love to did not feel right. I have had tons of offers but from girl I really would not have for a first. I lied about it because I get made fun of not getting any pussy. I am 19 and fucking is most likely the last thing on my mind.

Part Two: Ex-girlfriends

I have a few ex girlfriends that I dated thinking they were good people, only to find out how wrong I was. My first girlfriend was thin, hot, and beautiful. The problem I had with her is she liked things in her mouth a little to much. After my best friend got a blow job from her I dumped her. Don't worry I asked my friend to find out what she was up to, he said he saw her give it to three guys after he got his.

Second I was not with her long. She lived to far away, she is currently getting merried to a guy she has known for about a month now.

Third I had a girl that was 6'1" and 350+++ pounds. She was not only just to big for me. She was one of the dumbest girls I have ever met. She also did not know how to take a bath. Her pussy always smelt like wet dog and fish. I went to go down on her the first time and almost puked and I have a strong stomach.

Part Three: Weight problem..... Solved

I am 5'9" and weight 280. I use to be depressed about my life and hate the way I looked. I thought everyone hated me off the bat because of how I looked. I met a man the other day that was 5'7" and weighted 320lbs. I thought holy shit this guy is so much bigger then me.
I met his wife she was a model. I thought how does that work, the guy told me his secret. He said girl like how a guy carrys himself. He said if I am happy with the way god made me others will be too.

Part Four: Friends

One of my best friends who I have known for about 5 years now. He met this girl named Amanda in school and he dated her. He dumped her so I took it upon myself to call her and tell her why he did that. So that got me on her good side.

Part Five: Amanda

I wont beat around the bush she is a good girl and she likes me a lot. He dad and step mom on the other hand are assholes. They do not like me because I did not complete school yet I am smarter then most people. She has to be in the house by 6 pm because she is not aloud out at night. She cannot have phone calls past 9 any night. She is 17 years or age, and a virgin. The only problem she has besides her Parents is she dwells on things. Like if someone pisses her off she gets cought up on it and will not get off of them.

Part Six: Saturday the 16th

I met Amanda for the first time. I took her to the movies to see Mr. Woodcock (Which was good btw) then we went back to her house and told her dad that we were going to the park. On the way back from the park she because pretty damn flirty with me. I can tell by the end of the night she is liking me a lot. I have only known her for two days at this time and she seems cool.

Part Seven: Amanda's Best Friend

On Sunday 17th I went to Amanda's house and we walked over to her best friend's house. The second we started walking she was bitching about not feeling good. I said we could go back but she kind of ignored it. When we got to Sierra's house Amanda throw up in her bathroom. Amanda called her dad and he came and got her. I was left there to hang out with Amanda's best friend whom I have never met before. So She left me there by myself with a stranger. I am glad this happened though because it forced me to get to know them all. I hung out with Sierra and her family/friends for 9 hours before going home. At first I was shy and felt odd. At the end of the night I was laying in Sierra's bed with her alone just talking. I know I could of been holding her if I made that move but, I am unsure were her head is at. She said a few times she misses having a boy friend and that I remind her of her ex.

Part Eight: Problem

Amanda wants me to be with her. Sierra wants me to be with Amanda. I don't think me and Amanda would work out so well. I am crushing on Sierra.

Part Nine: Your part

What would you do in this position. Also please comment on anything and everything I have wrote here tonight. Thank you.


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All right, first of all the whole virgin thing really isn't a big deal it just means your one of the smart ones. 2nd of all the weight issue, being 5'9, 280 isn't that bad believe me. Besides people seem to gravitate towards you especially the girls. It isn’t all about your physical appearance.

And the last thing is in your situation I'd just get to know Sierra and Amanda better. Don't let people pressure you into dating Amanda just cause THEY want you to date her. Sierra could just be saying that she wants you to be with Amanda because she really likes you and is just scared of what might happen. Seeing as she sounds so innocent. Just take it easy get to know each one of them better and things will fall into place.


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Nice to see your being blatantly honest and good to see you posting.

Also nice job breaking up your post. Made it very readable.

It seems to me that you already know the answer yourself but Ill post my thoughts.

Well even though your digging for Sierra and you know Amanda wont work out I doubt you could start dating Sierra...if Amanda and her are really close.

But apparently the best way to win over a girl is to win over the best friends it seems your golden with Amanda.

However if Amanda and Sierra arent close go for Sierra man.

I dont know if that helps at all but thats my 2 cents. And for what its worth any internet advice you get from this thread well dont weigh it too heavily. We dont know all the details we dont know Sierra or Amanda. We dont know how they would react alot of variables. So if you get a bunch of advice going one way and you still think the best choice is in the opposite direction...well trust your gut.
Corona.. some people have boring lives.. and Omega is not one of them.

But from a women's POV. You just need to get to know both of these women.

Do not rush anything with Amanda or Sierra, besides if Sierra is saying you should go to Amanda, she is only saying that because Amanda likes you and Sierra knows that Amanda likes you. Sierra also likes you but would rather see her friend happy.

So who do you choose? No one for now.

You don't truly know them do you. All you know is that you like it when you hang out or something. What do you truly know about these girls. I mean you could end up with a b*tch when you think she is an angel. It's been all of a week or so. Do not get so wound up too quickly it can be your downfall.