Omega INC shop

here you can request a sig or gif and changing banneds and resizes i will need the following:

Size: (average in 400x200)

What person and/or persons you would like on it:

One or two background colors:

Text color:

Wether you want your user name on it or not:

please allow at least an hour for sig to be made

Prices: one banner 400x200-500 credits & a positive karma
two banners 400x200-800 credits & a positive karma
three banners 400x200-1000 credits & a positive karma


Sup do you think you can make me a batista one with the colors of black and blue
also with the size of 200 thanks.
You should make your sigs not as tall. They're kind of obtrusive. Also, work on your text... bevel/emboss with an outer glow is pretty tackey (or at least change the color of the outer glow... come on.).

Just my two cents on the issue.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah I agree on the font part, I believe you can find a way better font then that. Also your sigs are pretty good. But needs a little work.
ummmm i kno none of you kno this but i have only had photoshop for about a week now and i have never used photoshop before so sry but i am getting better
I think that is better, although I'm not sure how much the full image bevel/emboss works now that it's smaller. Keep up the good work though, nothing wrong with improvement.