Olympic school competitions?


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I didn't really know what to called this thread so I went with Olympic Competitions.

Every year at my school(till eight grade) we have Olympic competitions, meaning we would have 100 meter races, 400m, 800m, 4x100m relay, long jump and high jump and a few others.. Then all the gold medal winners of those even would represent their school and battle other winners from different schools in the area.

Did you guys have these at your school? If so which one did you excel at and did you ever represent your school?

I was in the 4x100 meter and long jump for a few years, we won the bronze medal in the 4x100 meter, but never won higher than fourth place in the long jump.

How about you guys?


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We did something like that in elementary school...I was probably 14 years old. This was the one and only time we did it but I remember participating in the 40 yard dash, 100 yard dash and the hurdles.

I finished first in hurdles but 2nd in both the 40 and 100. Stupid Matt Gillick beat me in both...dude was quick! Oh and I guess I ran the mile too...got under 7 minutes but cant remember which place.

I wish I was in that kinda shape still.


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I did shotput and discus.

I've always hated Running so I opted out of every Track and Field competition that required running :hah: However growing up in the environment I did, tossing Discus and Shotputs came extremely easy to me. Although I wasnt one of the most coordinated or even the biggest on the team. I still made a strong impact and was always a competitor.

One thing I wished I had gotten into was the Pole Vaulting. They didnt really start introducing that (because of Insurance Reasons) until my final year at my elementary. And it was one of those things I always thought was cool....but just never had the guts to do it.


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We did something called Intrams...competition between Freshmen to Senior of the school, different activities: athletics, basketball, cheerleading, swimming, etc. And then after that we had an interschool competition where the best of all the Freshmen to Seniors became varsity players to compete with students from other schools.


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IIRC, we had a sort of games day all through elementary school, but then had real events in 6th grade. I missed it because I was a slacker and wasn't keeping up with my HW.


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This is called "Athletics" day here..well for my school at least. I've gotten over 50 ribbons past 7 - 8 years (this includes primary school as well), I've got the most in 100m sprint and 200m sprint..for some reason I choke in the 400m sprint..never been my thing.