Olympic athlete had filed warning about luge track


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Olympic Athlete Had Filed Warnings About Safety of Luge Track - NYTimes.com

An Olympic luge athlete injured in a crash at the Whistler Sliding Centre in November warned Canadian officials about safety hazards at the track months before a competitor was killed last week on the same course.

Werner Hoeger, who competed in the Turin and Salt Lake Games for Venezuela, said he lost consciousness and sustained a concussion during a botched training run on Nov. 13. In a volley of letters and e-mail messages sent to Canadian and international luge officials since his crash, Hoeger warned that the track was unsafe and raised the same issues — including a lack of access to practice runs — now being debated after Nodar Kumaritashvili of the Republic of Georgia died on Friday.
He warned them months ahead of time, and sent a lot of letters and e-mails. I'm starting to wonder if someone should be arrested for negligence.