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love them or hate them? If you like them, what are your favorite kinds?

I love kalamata olives, blue cheese stuffed green olives, and anchovy stuffed green olives.

I cannot stand plain old canned ripe olives. Spanish olives - the pimento stuffed kind - are beurky too.

Whole Foods has an olive bar that's to die for.
I'm not fussy when it comes to food so once I ordered pizza at a restaurant and it came with olives by mistake. I'd never tried them before so I just ate it and didn't mention it. Then my friends were all like "since when do you like olives?!" so from then on, they always chucked theirs over to me every time we were around olives for some reason. Over the years I got sick of them since I wasn't overly fond in the first place. But still, they're okay. I haven't tried any of the stuff you mentioned (well, I don't know what type is the common one) and never the green ones, only black.


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I'm not familiar with a whole bunch of different types. I like the black sliced ones, if they're used sparingly. Not too long ago, I went to an authentic Italian restaurant that had the green ones in their specialty side salad...those were so yummy.


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I've never tried them. They don't appeal to me. I just have a feeling I'm going to gag when I put it in my mouth.


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There's a local bar that's known mostly for its Sangria, but they also have an olive plate you can order, with like 5 or 6 different kinds of olives. Pitcher of Sangria and plate of olives at Dominick's = Summer :nod:


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Ew, no. Hate 'em. I tried them once in a pasta. They're so bitter. Yuck. I don't know which kind I tried though so maybe I'd like some of the others. :dunno:


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I love the plain green pimento stuffed olives. They're great in salads, with cheese and crackers, or just right out of the jar.

I'm not too sure what other types of olives there are. I'm not a huge fan of black olives. My mom puts these reddish olives into this one dish she makes and they're really good.


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I have never met an olive I did not like. The best ones I ever had were when I was in Israel. They were served at the bar like we put out peanuts. They were black like the ubiquitous canned olives you get here, but they actually had flavor, not just salt and tin tasting.


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The deli near me does queen olives stuffed with garlic cloves, I can munch those down before I realise Ive eaten the equivalent of a whole bulb of garlic (fortunately they are not smelly).

I like hojiblanca in chilli as well, also manzanilllas, to be honest I love olives of all shapes, colours and sizes. Not to picky, prefer pitted and some of the cured ones are a little salty but still that does not stop me.