Oldest anime you have seen?


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What's the oldest anime movie/series you have ever seen? I'll post my answer later in this thread.


Ms. Malone
Oldest? Besides the old style transformers?

Doomed Megalopolis...i think that's right, it's one fucked up anime!


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Probably Ranma 1/2. I think that started in 1985. After that maybe Slayers and NGE.

I usually watch animes 2000 or newer. I have seen few older than 2001.


Demon King/Sith Warrior
I watched one episode of the original astroboy. it was a total shitbomb. The frames change like, once every 5 seconds. It's not a cartoon its a black and white slideshow with audio.


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The oldest anime I have ever seen was Barefoot Gen. It was released in 1983 and 1986 cause they released 2 different ones. It was actually a very good movie I recommend for anyone who liked Grave of the Fireflies.