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PC Games Older PC games won't run on Windows 10


Registered Member
On Tuesday, I bought some PC games from a local used games store. The games I bought were Madden NFL 99, NHL 2002, and Who Wants To Beat Up a Millionaire. The last one runs fine and NHL 2002 installed, but it won't run. Maddden won't install at all. I tried compatibility mode, and nothing happened. I also had these kinds of issues with Triple Play Baseball 99, but at least with that, I get an error message. Does anyone have any ideas?


Registered Member
My initial answer would have been to try them in compatability mode and running them as Windows 95 but if that does not work you may not be able to get around it. My only suggestion would be running something like Windows 2000 or Windows XP in a VMWare but that may be a bit extreme just to play games. Sorry I can't help much more.