Older or Younger?


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Do you like to generally like to date someone who is older or younger than you?

I like older girls because for one they have a more mature mindset then younger girls. I also find them to be a little more agreeable in conversation.


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I don't think i can say. Age is a number and if you like someone you wont let a number stand in the way of you dating them.
It seems stange because when a man dates a younger woman it's ok. But when a woman dates a younger man, people talk ...

Love works in mysterious ways !!


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I am with someone who is 2 years older than me which is a nice gap. I can't imagine myself wanting to be with someone younger than me as I'm only 23 and I'd feel weird about it. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'd worry they weren't mature enough for me.
When I'm in my 40's I'd probably wish I was with a 20 year old, though!


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Personally it doesnt bother me, but all I care is that there mature, and don't have a kid's mentality. But with that being said I don't believe I could date a girl that his 20 years older then me, and I would never date someone that is younger then 18 years old.


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Age isn't important to me because it really is just a number. Some 20 year olds are more mature than some 40 year olds, so each individual's maturity level is what really matters to me, not how many years they've been alive.

One thing to be said about older men though is that they tend to have more experience, and therefore more knowledge and skill in the bedroom...of course the younger men have that freshness about them which leaves you room to teach them a few things, and that can be fun too. ;)
I think at a young age (18) it still would feel a bit weird for me if I dated someone younger, mainly because I find guys my age and younger aren't all that mature :D Well I don't like it when people are mature all the time but you know what I mean.
Besides, I tend to be more attracted to older guys.. But I do have my limits haha. Age isn't that important to me anyways...