Old video clips of baseball players.

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    I'm sure a lot of people want to know how Walter Johnson threw, how Ty Cobb hit, how did Ruth hit. Well here are small clips of those great players.


    Walter Johnson:
    YouTube - Walter Johnson pitching footage

    Babe Ruth:
    YouTube - Babe Ruth JUST game footage

    Ty Cobb: (he talks in this video)
    YouTube - Rare Ty Cobb footage

    Stan Musial:
    YouTube - Stan Musial footage

    Jackie Robinson:
    YouTube - Jackie Robinson game footage

    Joe DiMaggio:
    YouTube - Joltin Joe DiMaggio!

    Ted Williams:
    YouTube - Ted Williams footage

    Willie Mays:
    YouTube - Willie Mays game footage

    Jimmie Foxx:
    YouTube - Jimmie Foxx - The Beast

    Honus Wagner:
    YouTube - Honus Wagner

    Christy Mathewson:
    YouTube - Christy Mathewson

    Rube Waddell:
    YouTube - Rube Waddell

    Satchel Paige:
    YouTube - Satchel Paige

    Bob Feller:
    YouTube - Bob Feller pitching from the stretch

    Grover Cleaveland Alexander:
    YouTube - Grover Cleveland Alexander pitching

    Rogers Hornsby:
    YouTube - Rogers Hornsby footage

    Mickey Mantle:
    YouTube - Mickey Mantle footage

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